Local Car Dealer Sponsors Blind Camper

Don Franklin Chevrolet Buick and GMC presented a check to Peter John Foster for $1,119. The business is sponsoring area people with visual impairments, like Foster, so they can attend camp this summer. Pictured are, from left: Don Franklin office manager Anna Mize, Christian Record district representative James Farber, Peter John Foster, Don Franklin marketing manager Zivan Mendez and Don Franklin general manager Joe Cummins.

His name is Peter John Foster, but he prefers to be called “Johann” due to his love of classical music.

When he attends camp at Indian Creek in Tennessee, one of the many put on around the country by the National Camps for the Blind, he makes sure to enter into the talent contest, playing all kinds of music on the piano, but mainly classical music.

Christian Record District Representative James Farber is quick to point out that every year, Foster is a hit.

Campbellsville native Foster was in the showroom at Somerset car dealership Don Franklin Chevrolet Buick and GMC, picking up a check from the business Friday afternoon. Don Franklin is helping to sponsor Foster and other visually impaired people to assist them with the financial difficulties associated with going to camp.

Marketing manager Zivan Mendez said the dealership awarded approximately $1,119 to National Camps for the Blind and their parent organization, Christian Record Services for the Blind.

“I want to thank you guys for your donations,” Foster said, adding that it meant a lot that the business was willing to help.

Foster has been attending the camp every year since 2009, except for last year. At 23, Foster is at the upper range in age for attendees who usually attend camp, but since the camp has been running for 48 years, he said that there are some who have been going for more than 40 years.

Blind and legally blind people ages 9 to 65 can attend National Camps for the Blind.

Besides the talent contest, Foster said he looks forward to both camp activities and fellowship with the campers and staff there. He has some friends that he only talks to once a year during camp.

“What I look forward to most is the fellowship, learning about and worshiping Jesus Christ,” he said.

The camp is Christian in nature, but the focus mainly is on having fun and staying active, Foster said. Activities include horseback riding, arts and crafts, skiing tubing, swimming and riding in boats.

One of Foster’s favorite activities is riding in the boats, he said.

“I like to sit on the pontoons and speedboats. They’ve let me drive the speedboat a couple of times.”

He also finds time to talk with camp nurses about his favorite subject: Medicine. Foster enjoys learning about anesthesiology and cardiothoracic surgery, subjects he is interested in due to his own health issues.

Funding for the camp comes from donations from both individuals and businesses like Don Franklin, Farber said.

Christian Record Services also provides reading materials in large print, Braille and audio form for visually impaired individuals.

Anyone looking for more information can contact his local office, located in Liberty, Ky., or the international office at P.O. Box 6097, Lincoln, Neb., 68506.

Information can also be found on the organization’s Web site: www.christianrecord.org.