With flooding continuing to tear through Eastern Kentucky, many businesses throughout the Commonwealth are mobilizing to assist those worst impacted by the crisis.

Chuck Coldiron owner of Donato’s Pizza of Somerset donated all of Tuesday’s total sales to Eastern Kentucky to help those in need.

“We’re all in,” said Coldiron. “If somebody spends a nickel on a pizza, it’s going to Eastern Kentucky.”

Coldiron felt that donating this money was his duty, and he required no inspiration to give.

“Who needs inspiration?” said Coldiron. “You can see on television, newspapers, radio the devastation. There’s no inspiration beyond that. I’ve never seen or experienced such devastation, destruction, heartbreak, and if giving away a day’s sales would make difference for somebody, that’s the least we can do.”

Coldiron said he was blown away by the generosity.

“I have had in the last 10 minutes two people hand me hundred-dollar bills saying ‘Add this to the pile,’” Coldiron continued. “The people are behind this. Everybody wants to help. How could you not want to help?”

Coldiron said his only regret was the low service times that have come as a result of the major influx of people coming in the store to have their contributions added.

“We’re not getting people their food as quickly as wish we could,” explained Coldiron. “But 99.9% of the people have been understanding, and all they want to do is be sure they do their part for Eastern Kentucky.”

Coldiron gushed in admiration of the people of Kentucky, and felt indebted to the good will of the people.

“I’m so proud of our community for stepping up like this,” said Coldiron. “I can’t express how proud I am of our people.”

The money will be donated to the Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund which has been set up by Governor Andy Beshear.

The Fund has quickly been able to form and set up services so flooding victims can get the help the need.

These services include help for addiction, housing, and those with disabilities.

Coldiron said the Arby’s locations his company runs in Central Kentucky also have chosen to donate all their sales.

Concluded Coldiron, “If one’s heart hasn’t been ripped by what’s happened in Eastern Kentucky, they’re a pretty callous person, and I think that the response from this community today shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that we have a lot of compassionate people in Pulaski County.”

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