Ella Bea Slavey

Ella Bea Slavey turned 100 years old Tuesday, a feat that was celebrated at the Cumberland Nursing and Rehab Center.

Aloha, 100!

One special lady living at the Cumberland Nursing and Rehab Center celebrated her 100th birthday in style, by requesting a luau party, according to the staff there.

Ella Bea Slavey – know to the staff and residents as “Ella Bea,” was the guest of honor at her very own special party Tuesday afternoon.

She got to eat a Hawaiian-themed cupcake – chocolate was her preference – and every guest got a flower lei to wear.

When asked about the birthday girl, activity director Tawanda Hewitt said she was an amazing lady.

“She’s always one of those who’s under the radar. She’s always perfect for us,” Hewitt, adding that she’s pretty “chill.”

Admissions Coordinator Karen Dockery said that she was very family oriented. At one point, the center was home to Slavey and two of her brothers, the late Jack Woodall and the late Marlin Woodall.

“They were just a very tight-knit family. You could tell it because they would sit at the table together, and they always made sure that each other was taken care of.”

Dockery added that Slavey was “easy to spoil and love. Very thankful for everything. She’s part of our family, that’s all you can say. And we all love her very much.”

For her part, Slavey answered in the affirmative when asked if she enjoyed her party and if she was excited about her birthday.

When staff asked if she felt blessed, she also answered “yes.”

The other thing Slavey had asked for on her birthday was a perm, which she received Monday.

“We felt like this was a special occasion and she deserved what she wished,” Dockery said.

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