The February page of the new Eubank Fire Department 2021 calendar shows some of the department’s finest hard at work, in one of a number of amusing shots.

The Eubank Volunteer Fire Department is used to dealing with things that are hot, hot, hot.

So why not venture into the world of cheeky calendar photos?

The fire department covering the furthest north community in Pulaski County is currently selling a calendar featuring its firefighters in a variety of amusing looks to help raise money for the volunteer entity.

“We just thought it would be funny,” said Eubank Fire Chief Norman Rutheford. “You always have the female firefighter calendars and big, buffed-up firefighters like Chippendales dancers. We thought we’d do a ‘real’ firefighters calendar. We thought it would be sort of hilarious and fun to do.”

The idea came from the Eubank Fire Department’s PR (public relations) department, said Rutheford — and for a small volunteer station like Eubank’s, that means the women who stand beside the men. The wives and girlfriends, and sometimes just ardent community supporters, of Eubank firefighters.

“Amy (Rusin) took all the pictures herself,” said Rutheford noting that picking out the poses was a “collaborative” effort. Some are done with a serious wink, meant to mock the more traditional “beefcake” look, with a firefighter lying casually across the back of a truck, or another swinging around a pole. Others are more casual looks at the daily life of a Eubank firefighter. 

Rutheford said a “couple of” the firefighters were apprehensive about doing it, but the department eventually got into the swing of things, even bringing Eubank Police Chief Tony Duncan into the mix.

“It was a blast,” said Rutheford. “We all had fun with it.”

The calendars went on sale in September and are for 2021; they also include the last few months of 2020. 

They’ve gotten a great reaction so far, a somewhat overwhelming one from Rutheford; “Amy has been getting a lot of comments, we’ve been getting all kinds of comments (on social media), people from everywhere commenting. We’ve shipped (calenders) off to different states. A lot of fire departments have asked us what brought this on — we just wanted to do something different.”

The calendars are $10 apiece; all the Eubank Fire Department asks is that the buyer pay shipping costs, “maybe a dollar or so,” said Rutheford.

Contact Rutheford at 606-305-2585 or visit the “Eubank FD” Facebook page to request a calendar.

Every little bit helps for the volunteer outfit. “The funding we get from the county and state is how we operate,” said Rutheford. “Anything we can do to (raise money) ourselves is a big help for us. We’re buying equipment, buying fuel — we need everything we can to keep us going.”

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