If you grow flowers, there's good reason to bring some of that harvested sunshine into your home. It will improve your mood and just make your home a little extra special.

Heavy summer rains can ruin the best flower display outside so bringing some in ensures you get to enjoy at least some of the beauty.

Did you know that cut flowers from your garden or supermarket are more perishable than many fruits? To extend the enjoyment and freshness of cut flowers, we must condition or "harden" them.

Properly conditioned cut flowers will last twice as long as untreated flowers. Treated flowers will take up water readily and won't wilt quickly when put in an arrangement.


Begin with a clean vase or container for the floral arrangement. Wash it well with soap and water to remove all bacteria and fungi. These organisms are the major cause of cut flower deterioration because they prevent water uptake by blocking the vascular systems of flower stems.

Use a cut flower preservative or make your own (see recipe). These products come in small packets that are easy to use in a vase or flower container. In addition to supplying food to cut flowers displays, they promote water uptake by stems, help keep water clean and reduce microorganism growth in water.

Cut flowers early in the morning, using a sharp knife or shears. Remove leaves from the lower part of the stem and put the cut stems into water immediately.

Once inside, put the cut flowers in warm water (about 100 degrees F) to which you've added a commercial cut flower food or preservative. Some advise to cut flower stems under water but this step is usually unnecessary if flowers are cut and immediately put into a bucket of water. It's advisable to recut the bottom of stems as the fresh cut allows water to be more readily absorbed.

Place the arrangement out of direct sunlight and away from air conditioning vents or drafts. Displays last longer if kept cool.

Check the water each day for clarity. Add more water if needed or replace the water if cloudy.

Remove any failing leaves or flowers.


Mix the following in 1 quart of water*: OR Mix the following in 1 quart of water*:

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons white vinegar

1 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons sugar

½ teaspoon chlorine bleach ½ teaspoon chlorine bleach

*use this solution as your cut flower water

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