Can't get enough of Pool Hall burgers? Here's a contest for a great cause

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JBK Roofing employees work to construct the Restoration House's new roof on May 27, 2021 in Monticello, Ky. 

MONTICELLO, Ky. -- Wayne County locals and tourists alike can't get enough of the City Pool Hall's famous burgers.

Now these classic Pool Hall burgers are bringing the community together for a great cause as they host the First-Annual Burger Eating Contest to help fundraise for the reconstruction of the Restoration House's new roof in downtown Monticello on June 5.

"With the Restoration House being a nonprofit organization and helping recovering women get a second chance, I thought as a community leader it would be something good to do," said Jonathan Dobbs, magistrate of District 4 in Wayne County. "So, I got with the folks at the City Pool Hall, and we thought maybe as a joint effort we could put together a nice fundraiser right here on the square."

The Restoration House is a women's-only sober living home dedicated to helping those who have finished rehab transition back into the community through residency, employment with the downtown Happy Hoppers café and through building a relationship with God.

However, the building has needed several costly repairs, which now includes a completely new roof. With no government funding, this has caused the Restoration House to rely on the support of their community.

"The building was built in 1904 and is one of the older structures here in Monticello, so it took a lot of renovations," said Jessica Burks, Office Manager and Executive Assistant of the Restoration House. "JBK Roofing is actually having to lay a completely new roof. Our roof has major leaks. One is actually in the restrooms and one gaping hole is in the House Manager's suite. There's going to have to be structural re-foundation and repairs as well because the old wood is even rotted. It's bad."

JBK Roofing has donated extra materials and funds towards the roof, but the Restoration House hopes to raise at least $8,500 through this event to cover the last half of the costs they owe towards this repair.

"Every dollar and every dime is going to the roof," said Burks. "We are solely surviving on our community donations and the community has been great about supporting us."

Dobbs hopes this event will also work to bring the community together and revitalize the downtown area as contestants must be sponsored by local businesses and organizations for the contest. These organizations then pledge per burger eaten, which now currently ranges up to $100 per sandwich.

"We asked for local businesses to be sponsors of an individual to help build community character and bring us all together as a whole," said Dobbs. "I talked to the (Monticello Mayor Tracie Sexton) yesterday, and she plans to close the whole square that day where we can draw in other things like vendors and other local businesses, so we hope to try and get the community back on the square."

The contest will begin at high noon at the square and will be worked by the residents of the Restoration House. The event will also include a yard sale where the Restoration House's New Beginning Foundation board members will be volunteering to raise additional funds towards this project.

"If businesses or individuals want to just donate they can, but the fun part is watching these grown men, and maybe women, try to see how many burgers they can eat in an hour," said Burks.

If people are interested in participating in this event or donating towards the Restoration House, they can contact Jonathan Dobbs or Jessica Burks via social media or the Restoration House office number.

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