I always find it pretty easy to shop for people who enjoy gardening. There are always a few things that are no-brainers and every gardener needs, like gloves, trowels, soil knives, bulb planters, etc. But let's take a look at some others that are fun or practical or both.

Whimsical signs or garden markers - I bought some of these in year's past and I like them. They seem durable enough and when you're out in the garden and you see one of these, you can laugh. Some say 'I don't remember planting this' or 'Grow Dammit!' (from Gardeners EDGE).

Watering Supplies - I fight with a garden hose non-stop in the summer. Get your friend(s) a retractable garden hose (Gardeners EDGE). And to be even simpler, just a good garden hose would (to me anyway) make a great gift. And I do stress that it be a GOOD hose.

Rain gauges - The cheap ones inevitably get left outside during the winter and break, so gardeners are always thankful for a nice rain gauge as a gift. I found a Jeffersonian Rain Gauge (from Wind and Weather). It is too pricey for my taste but it also can be thought of as a piece of art. This rain gauge uses a float and lever design to measure up to 5" of rain in 1/5" increments. It does have a lifetime guarantee.

Any rain gauge is nice but as a gardener, I'd appreciate one that was both pretty and pretty durable.

Wind spinners or whirligigs - I like some movement in the garden and we can do that by planting the right plants, but you know, sometimes it's just fun to have one of those wind spinners. They come in so many shapes and sizes, you'll go crazy searching for these on the internet. Price is variable so you can find one that meets your budget.

Planters - Specifically, I found a solar illuminated planter from Gardener's Supply. By day, the planter is a frosted white, but as the sun sets, these planters glow. You can pick from color-changing mode or select a single color.

Moss Rocks - I'm a moss lover (wish my whole lawn was moss). Most people want to get rid of it, but when you bring moss inside in an elegant container, it's no longer icky moss. It becomes Zen moss. They are affordable (from Moss and Stone Gardens).

Gorilla Tubs - These colorful, flexible tubs are very, very handy (used to be called TubTrugs). I broke down and bought one for myself a while back and have used it a lot. They seem to be really sturdy and are easy to wash out. True Gorilla Tubs are UV and frost resistant and made of food-grade plastic. I don't know how off-brands would hold up if left out in the sun. On the internet, you can find these in multiple sizes and colors. Many on-line retailers carry them.

Tabletop mushrooms - several companies offer mushrooms that grow after you…just add water! You can get oyster, shiitake, portabella, and several others. They usually come in a box which you can set on your kitchen counter or a table and watch them grow. Some companies offer a kit with instructions of how to grow mushrooms on rolls of toilet paper.

Gift cards - You may think them impersonal, but I (and I think many of my gardening friends) would truly appreciate a gift card. You may need to do some questioning to find out where they like to shop (online or not). Gift cards or gift certificates are almost expected at any store.

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