JULY 22, 1931

New Chamber of Commerce Head

Mr. Paul Dexheimer, one of Somerset's most progressive and popular young businessmen, has been elected president of the Chamber of Commerce for the coming year. Under his leadership, the organization is assured an active and successful administration.

Mr. Dexheimer is engaged in the automobile and garage business here. For a number of years, he coached the Somerset High School teams, his football teams winning state and southern titles.

During his college career at the University of Chattanooga, Mr. Dexheimer won all-Southern football recognition. He is also a golfer of note and is active in all civic work of the community.

One Injured in Wreck

Wade Hughes, son of Mr. Elmer Hughes, of the Somerset Department Store, received lacerations to the head and wrist Saturday night when the car in which he was riding with Prof. Victor Moore overturned on Highway 27 near the Charles Oatts home between Somerset and Burnside when struck by a car traveling in the opposite direction.

Prof. Moore and Mr. Hughes had started to Stearns where they had an engagement to play for a dance.

Parachute Leap

There will be a big balloon ascension and parachute jump sponsored by the merchants of the city here tomorrow, July 23. Daredevil Billie Wells will make his jump from a height of 3,000 feet, according to his manager.

Gover Girls in Magazine

A splendid photograph of Misses Margaret. Claudine and Evelyn Gover of Ferguson, daughters of Mrs. Claude Gover, appeared in the July 8 issue of Firestone Non-Skid, the semi-monthly publication of the Firestone Rubber Company at Akron, Ohio.

Mrs. Gover holds a responsible position with the Firestone Company. Her daughters are with her in Akron this summer and attended the annual Firestone picnic and frolic held at Meyers Lake, Ohio recently.

Bowling Champ

A report from Mr. George G. Waddle, who is spending several days at Red Boiling Springs, Tenn., states that Mr. Waddle is the champion bowler at this popular summer resort. Messrs. Robert Norfleet and J. O. Newell spent Thursday with Mr. Waddle.

Home from University

Mr. Eugene Tartar, who has been attending the University of Cincinnati, has returned home to spend his vacation. He is making a splendid record at the University and will return there in the fall.

Storm Stops Baseball Game

Rain stopped the junior league baseball game here Sunday between the Somerset and Stearns nines. The visitors were leading 7-1 when the rainstorm halted proceedings.

Pulaskian Killed in Minnesota

Mr. William Cornelius Patterson, age 39 years, was killed Sunday night in a motorcycle wreck forty miles from Duluth, Minn.

The body will arrive tonight and will be taken to Public, this county, his former home, for burial, which will probably be Saturday.

Mr. Patterson was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Patterson of Public, who have 10 children and this is the first death in the Patterson family. Surviving sisters are Misses Fay, Lois and Emma Patterson, popular Pulaski County teachers; surviving brothers are Alonzo and Bert Patterson, Portland, Ore.; Vernon Morton and Melvin Patterson who are at their father's home and Thad Patterson who has been home only a short time following 12 years in the U.S. Navy.

The deceased was with the Northern Pacific Railroad before the war, served in the Navy during the war and had visited his home here last month for the first time in 10 years before returning to his place of business in Minnesota about three weeks when killed.

Cooper Rescues Youth

Another near drowning occurred in the Cumberland River near the residence of George Tate, a short distance from the Burnside ferry Wednesday afternoon. John Bolin, 10 years old, of West Burnside, was seized with an attack of cramps while swimming and went down in seven feet of water twice.

Richard Cooper, 16 years old, son of Mrs. Helen Cooper, and a brother of County Judge John Cooper, who was the only person in the water near Bolin, dived to the bottom of the river, caught hold of the boy and brought him to shore. Artificial respiration methods employed by Cooper, Miss Virginia Adams and Miss Helen Cooper on the unconscious boy proved successful and the lad was revived.

Busiest Man in Somerset

Mr. James M. Holt, county school superintendent, is the busiest man in Somerset and probably the county this week. He has been in charge of the successful teachers' conference which closed on Tuesday and has seen to it that all the schools opened today for class work.

Teaching in Covington

Miss Dahlia Bullock, who has been a teacher in the Cundiff school for the past two years, has been appointed a teacher in the Covington City Schools and enters upon her duties there in September.

She recently graduated from Eastern Teachers College in Richmond.

Virginia Theatre

Wednesday and Thursday - William Haines in "Just a Gigilo." Fox News.

Friday and Saturday - Lew Ayres in "Iron Man." Serial and comedy.

Monday and Tuesday - William Haines in "A Tailor Made Man." Also Terry-Toon.

Tweedy Brothers Here

Tweedy Brothers, Tennessee "fiddlers" and dancers, are in Somerset today. They are on their way to Louisville, making the trip by truck.

They entertained a large crowd on the square this morning with their numbers.

Still Stolen

The 30-gallon copper still seized by officers on the Mat Hinkle Farm near Ringgold last week and placed in Sheriff A. T. Sears' office was stolen sometime last night. The still was carried out of the window at the rear end of the hall in the court house. The thief of thieves entered the Sheriff's office through a side window and unlocked the door from the inside.

A water pump, also taken in the raid at the Hinkle Farm, was removed from the Sheriff's office last night, but was left in the back yard of the court house.

Wayne Countians Die of Bullet Wounds

James Davis, Slick Ford, was charged with murder today following the death of Abner Davis, 54 years old, who with his son, Pleman Davis, was shot during a quarrel at Slick Ford last Monday.

Pleman died several days ago. James Davis, a relative of Abner and Pleman Davis, was placed in jail here.

Narrow Escape

John Norfleet, town marshal at Burnside, and Eli Key, 44, of Albany, engaged in a pistol battle near the jail on Sixth Street in Burnside Saturday night about 7 o'clock. Several shots were exchanged, but neither man was wounded.

Key is in the Somerset jail with four charges against him. His women companion, Dora Lee, also of Albany, is in jail here facing a trial today on a drunkenness charge.

Norfleet saw Key and Lee together near the bridge on Saturday and thought he was under the influence of liquor. Later he saw the two walking down Sixth Street, with Key embracing the girl with a bottle sticking out of his pocket. He told Key he should conduct himself in a more becoming manner and took the whiskey from him.

Key, according to Norfleet, then became abusive and he placed him under arrest. As they neared the jail, Dora Lee stepped between them, allowing Key time to draw his pistol and the firing began. The officer then ran into his home nearby to grab get a larger gun.

Sheriff's Son Charged

Terrell Ard, 42, was shot and killed from ambush Tuesday morning on his farm near the Wayne County line, 16 miles west of Somerset. He was at work in the harvest field and was shot from his mowing machine. Austin Norfleet, 22 years old, son of Deputy Sherriff Charles Norfleet, was arrested on a murder charge at 5 o'clock Sunday morning by Sheriff A. T. Sears and Deputy Sheriffs Elmer Weddle, Walter Hints and James W. Sullivan.

Norfleet was brought to the Somerset jail where he denied the murder charge and refused to talk. Ard was married, and besides his wife, leaves behind five children.

Fines for Squirrels

Walter A. McKinney and Earl Moore, arrested by game wardens on a charge of having in their possession squirrels out of season, entered pleas of guilty in county court. Each was fined $15 and costs. Brent Roy, arrested on the same charge, will be tried July 24.

Hold-Up Girls Promise Not to Return

Emmerme Dunbar, 16, Leeta Turner, 16, and Marie Turpin, 15, charged with robbing Mr. Andrew Patton of Trimble ten days ago, were allowed to return to the home in Russell County last week by Judge John Cooper.

The girls promised not to return to Somerset.

Marriage Licenses

M. M. Renner, 55, a farmer, and Fannie Zeller, 53, both of Eubank were married July 16.

Melvin E. Slavey, 27, farmer of Woodmont, and Mary M. Ping, 21, were married July 18.

Raymond Haggard, 21, of Kings Mountain, and Ruby Harton, 17, of Waynesburg, were married July 20.

Hearty Hibiscus

Mr. A. M. Mounce, popular local insurance man, is one of Somerset's most successful flower gardeners. Mr. Mounce exhibited at The Commonwealth office yesterday a hearty hibiscus 8 inches from tip to tip, known as the Mallow.

This flower is rare in this section, is old rose in color, has five petals and little fragrance.

Hitch Hikes from Kansas City

Jack Newton, 16-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Newton of Kansas City, arrived here this morning for a visit with his aunt, Mrs. B. A. Williams, and Mr. Williams. He hitch-hiked all the way, walking only 11 miles.

He left Kansas City Sunday with five cents in his pocket and arrived here with $1.00. He drove a truck for a tired driver for several hours, and also drove a passenger car for some women part of the way, being paid by both parties for chauffeuring.

He spent Tuesday night in a barn near Stanford.

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