On March 19th, 18 gifted and talented students, all from Southwestern High School, visited Lindsey Wilson College campus and spoke to students of the Bonners Scholars Program.

The mission of Lindsey Wilson College is to serve the educational needs of students by providing a living-learning environment within an atmosphere of active caring and Christian concern where every student, every day, learns and grows and feels like a real human being.

The mission of the Bonner Leader Program is to transform the lives of students and members, the life of their campuses, their local communities, and the world through service and leadership. The Bonner Program is designed to heighten the overall education students and members receive by asking them to engage in ongoing service work and helping them develop the experience, skills, knowledge and values necessary to make that work meaningful and lasting.

Not only does LWC offer the Bonners Scholars Program, but also the Bonner Volunteers for those who are athletes, involved in clubs, or busy with classes and cannot meet the service hours requirement.

Students that attended this trip, in alphabetical order, were: Nyrel Aviles, Emalee Baker, Chandler Coggin, Kayla Coulter, Bailey Davis, Emily Epperson, Lexie Epperson, Marissa Loveless, Breanna Robinson, Xavier Streeter, Kloey Strong, Madison Trusty, Hannah Weatherly, Jack Weatherly, and Angela Wilson