“Let’s Get Physically Fit”

Edith Lovett

Pulaski County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences

Do you look at your favorite athlete or entertainer on television and often think “what a great shape” that person is in? Have you ever stopped and thought about the time they spend daily exercising and watching their diet, because their jobs require them to be in shape and look good. You may find it a challenge to find the time to exercise and eat healthier, but everyone needs to try to stay in physical good shape.

Like anything else, it’s a matter of attitude and what you value in life. If you view exercising as a chore or hate to even think about walking or being active, it will be harder for you to do any type of physical exercise and most likely, you will avoid being active.

Why not change your attitude, and think of exercising or physical fitness as fun. When something is fun, then you will find the time to do it. If the word “workout” sounds too much like work, then think about walking with your neighbor as a form recreation. Enjoy the beautiful flowers in your neighborhood while you take a stroll.

Use fitness and exercising as an excuse to get out and enjoy the surroundings around you. When you see how much better you feel by being active, you will find the time for it. It doesn’t have to be a long walk such as an hour, but you can start out exercising a few minutes a day. The time of the day that you find you have extra minutes to relax then use that time to get physical fit. It may be following your dinner meal, or even before breakfast in the morning. You just find the time that you enjoy being outside or working out at a gym.

When you begin an exercise program, and stick with it, it helps you to focus on your health and the benefits you are receiving by being active daily. Looking physical fit and getting rid of some extra pounds should be a short term goal. Your long term goal should be exercising and eating lots of fruits and vegetables to live a longer, healthier life. Your health is with you forever. If you devote a little time every day to exercising and eliminating those food items that should be a treat every now and them, pretty soon you are going to start to looking better and feel better too

Staying physically fit should be one of the priorities in your life. Once you view fitness as a priority in your life, it is easy to come up with ways to fit it in. Don’t wait to cooler weather to begin, but find time and a place during the day to being now. Break up your activities to working out 10 minutes at a time. Find at least two or three times during the day that you can be physically fit for a total of 30 minutes. If you have a hard time finding the time to take care of your body, then schedule those 10 minutes of exercising on your calendar and stick with it.

Finding a place to work out and exercise may be a problem, but look for a place that is close to your home and convenient. If you have children at home, it may be easier for you to exercise early in the morning while they are sleeping. For some it may be easier to work out before you go to work or take the time to exercise during your lunch hour. Lunch on fitness instead of spending your lunch hour at your desk. Take your exercise clothes to work with you, and exercise right after work or before you get home. For ultimate convenience, you can exercise at home with a simple set of hand weights or walk up and down the staircase.

Try to exercise when you are not tired. Do it early in the morning. If you leave your fitness routine until the end of your day, you may be too tired, have to run by the store, must hurry home to prepare dinner, or other things you do daily. Use the weekends to exercise longer if you find you don’t have time during the week. Try to schedule one hour per day on Saturday and Sunday to be physical active. If you simply can't turn off your favorite television show or put that i-phone down, do floor stretches or step-ups in front of the TV. Grab a hand weight and do some bicep curls while you read your morning newspaper.

Your children need to be active too, especially during the summer months when they don’t have a schedule. Take the time to work out with them like riding bicycles. If they have ball practice, you practice fitness by doing laps around the field or climb up and down the bleachers a few times instead of just sitting and watching. If you need help in deciding what exercise you need to be doing, then meet with a professional trainer to assess your needs and figure out how to meet them safely and effectively. The big time to begin an exercise program is right now, so let’s all work on getting fit.

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Chicken Salad is always one of people’s favorite’s salads to eat during the summer months. You will usually find chicken on sale at the grocery stores in our area.

Crunchy Fruit and Chicken Salad

3 cups chicken, cooked and dices

2 apples, diced

1 cup pineapple chunks, drained

½ cup celery, diced

¼ cup vanilla or plain yogurt

¼ cup chopped nuts, optional

Directions: Mix all ingredients together and chill for at least one hour. Serve cold on lettuce or make a Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Will make 6 cups, with 130 calories

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A Wool Felting and Goat Soap Making Class will be held on Monday Night, July 15 at the Pulaski County Home Demonstration House. The call will begin a 5:30 and is limited. The cost is $15.00. Extra Goat Soap will also be available for those that would like to purchase some.

Come enjoy Watermelon with us at the Extension Office on Tuesday, July 16 at 11:30. This is our monthly cooking class which features the “Watermelon Refresher” recipe. Call the office at 679-6361 to register.

The Pulaski County Fair is this week. Open entries will be accepted by the Pulaski County Fair Grounds on Wednesday, July 17, after 5:00 p.m. and on Thursday July 18 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. You can also bring your items by the Extension Office. See your fair book for all the different categories. Don’t forget you can enter fresh garden produce, canned produce, handmade articles, quilts, flower arrangements, photography, plus lots more.

Tickets to the Pulaski County Extension Homemakers Annual Meeting, “Yee Haw Dosey Doe” are on sale through Monday, July 22, at the Extension Office. This meeting will be held at the East Somerset Baptist Church, with registration and silent auction at 5:00 and dinner to follow at 6:00. The cost is $12.

Denise Salter will be teaching a “Card Making Class” on Monday, July 22, starting at 10:00 o’clock in the Home Demonstration House. Join your friends as you make beautiful cards to send out.