Local 4-H member receives grant for children's garden


Hannah McGhee is a member of 4-H who plantedĀ 75 native plants in the children's garden at the Pulaski County Public Library last spring.

Hannah McGhee is a Pulaski County 4-H member who recently attended the Kentucky 4-H Issues Conference and received a grant to create a Children's Garden at the Pulaski County Public Library. McGhee, 16, is a junior at Broadway Christian School. As submitted by Jennifer Cole, Pulaski County Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development, following is McGhee's description of the project:

"Early in the month of May, 75 plants native to the state of Kentucky were set in the ground of the Children's Garden at the Pulaski County Public Library. The goal of this project was to bring colorful accents back to the Garden, and entice pollinators to once again visit the county and bring more flowers to wherever the grass is barren.

"Among the 75 plants that reside in the Garden along its back fencing, the collection includes: asters, butterflyweed, and Eastern beardtongue to name a few.

"When children who had played in the Garden were asked in a survey what they would like to see in it the next year, one requested that a bee-shaped chair sits next to the butterfly chair already poised in the grass. One wished for fruit to be grown in the Garden. And the most intriguing request was one from a little girl who wanted a 10-foot statue of an open book with a frog sitting in its pages with flowers hanging horizontally from its mouth.

"Only in the mind of a child can they express things with grandiosity.

"When spring rolls around in the year 2020, we ask that you please come by and check out this lovely garden and all the hard work put into it by members of our community.

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