Pulaski Schools urges parents, students and motorists to be mindful of bus safety

The Pulaski County School system provides free transportation for all students, and with Pulaski County being the third largest county in the state with 673 square miles of area, transportation is an essential part of the total school program. The Pulaski County School System's fleet of 140 buses travel over 7500 miles per day. They have 125 daily routes and transport students to an average of 1300 field trips a year.

Safety programs are required in elementary schools that include hands on safety demonstrations and all transported students participate in evacuation drills. "Buster Bus," an interacting robot, is used in preschool and elementary schools to teach the students about Bus Safety. The district recognizes "Bus Safety Week" as an opportunity to further increase safety awareness for students, parents, and staff. Under the direction of the Transportation Director, Barry Erp, Pulaski County's transportation department includes 165 regular and substitute drivers, 5 staff members, 4 mechanics, and 1 apprentice mechanic.

Pulaski County School System has an ongoing education-training program for all bus drivers. All new drivers must complete 44 hours of training which includes 4 written test and 3 driving tests in order to qualify for a commercial driver's license (CDL). Drivers are required to complete 8 hours of training per year to keep their certification.

All buses are diesel operated and are equipped with two-way radios for communication and rapid response to emergencies and video cameras. Bus safety is also insured by service schedules that include daily pre-trip inspections and a thorough servicing once a month. The district maintains a full service garage with highly trained certified technicians.

School bus safety is a team effort. With many buses traveling thousands of miles, motorists are asked to be especially cautious during morning and afternoon route times. Running school bus stop signs, passing buses, or failing to yield to buses creates a great danger to children who are loading and unloading. Ignoring a bus stop sign or accidentally running a stop sign due to carelessness could literally mean life and death to a child. Help us keep your child safe by talking to your child about bus safety rules. School buses do not travel every road, but a pick-up location is close. For more information, bus schedules, school boundary zones, or interested in becoming a school bus driver contact the Pulaski County School System at 606-679-1123

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