The case of a couple accused last winter of animal torture has come to a close.

Ronald Lloyd Brison, 49, and Debbie Jane Brison, 51, both of Somerset, were initially charged of second-degree Cruelty to Animals in connection to the January 21 discovery by Somerset Police of their elderly dog frozen to the ground. The animal died before it could be transported to a local veterinarian.

The animal cruelty charge was amended up a few weeks later to Torture of a Dog or Cat with Serious Physical Injury and/or Death.

It was this charge which was presented to the Pulaski County Grand Jury, starting last month. For both defendants, grand jurors ultimately returned a "No True Bill" finding that there wasn't enough evidence presented to support further prosecution of the torture charge.

Upon further review in Pulaski District Court, the case against Mr. Brison was dismissed on August 7. With the charge against Mrs. Brison dismissed last Wednesday, the case appears to have officially come to a close.

The Brisons were defended by Somerset attorney Alison Hunley.

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