The firework business is booming this year for B&B Fireworks.

"It's been excellent. We couldn't be more pleased," Lori Williams said of the sales this year at the firework stand.

The Williams family, who are from Somerset, are in their eighth year dishing out smoke bombs, rockets, and all the fireworks and firework-related needs of Fourth of July fans. This year, they've set up shop on South U.S. 27 near traffic light No. 21.

B&B is named after Bob Williams, Sr. and Bob Williams, Jr., explained Lori Williams, the wife of Bob, Jr.

She also explained that the family-owned business has not seen any drop in sales, not due to the coronavirus pandemic nor any other reason. "If anything, [sales] went up," she said.

Not only is B&B family-owned, but that family has a strong military background. Both Bob, Sr. and his grandson - Lori's son - Ryan Williams were in the Army.

Ryan explained that he retired from the military in 2016, and he has enjoyed coming back home to be a part of the business.

"Dad and I get to talk and enjoy each other's company," Ryan said.

And while he admitted the days minding the fireworks stand can be long - the store can stay open until 10 or 11 p.m. each night - he's happy he gets to spend it with his family.

His brother, Matthew Williams, loves working there as well. He explained, "We've always had a big family." But, he says, spending time with that family at the tent, "It's not even really like working."

B&B is open roughly four weeks of the year. This year they started June 13 and plan to stay open a few days after the Fourth, although how many hasn't been firmed up yet.

Then, when the tent and leftover fireworks are packed away, the family said they get to have their own firework celebration.

Until then, the family will keep selling fireworks to the many customers that visit them. Over the years, the business has built up a lot of repeat customers, Lori said.

She said that she believes that, in addition to being a military family, they keep customers coming back because they take the time to explain the products, not just "ring people up."

"We tell them the right way to shoot them," she said, as well as explain what each one does and the safest way to use them.

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