Bevin takes another shot at teachers

Jeff Neal

Gov. Matt Bevin cannot help himself.

His utter disdain for public education and teachers was on full display again on Wednesday when he met with President Donald Trump's education secretary, the much-maligned Betsy DeVos, and other charter school advocates to devise new ways to strip public education of its funding.

The Kentucky Education Association pointed out that there was a distinct absence of public educators that attended this meeting in Lexington, designed to come up with initiatives to "promote school choice."

When our governor was asked about the lack of representation from teachers and public schools officials, he had to get a jab in.

"The people here care about the kids," Bevin replied. "Every single person who sat around this table cares about the children -- not about funding, not about territory, not about power, not about politics."

Bevin's implication was clear -- our school teachers don't really care about their students.

Again, he had to insult the dedicated people in Kentucky who work so hard to educate our children.

Let's get one thing straight: It's not public educators who are playing politics with the future of Kentucky's schools -- it's Bevin.

Our governor has been on a quest to dismantle public education in favor of charter schools since he's been in office.

The plan Bevin is pushing allows tax credits to people who donate to private schools. What that means is tax dollars would be taken from public education.

Critics of the scholarship tax credit proposal in Kentucky have said it would divert money away from public education. An analysis by the Legislative Research Commission found it would cost the state $209 million in tax revenue by 2025.

The KEA, which represents tens of thousands of teachers, summed it up best on Twitter: "Public schools in KY are doing transformative & innovative things with less funding. We don't need vouchers, we need full funding."

Yes, Gov. Bevin, our teachers do care very much about funding. Because without funding, they can't do their jobs.

And our children suffer.

So, in reality, it is Bevin who doesn't really care about the kids. What he cares about is shoving his agenda down our throats.

Remember folks, this year we either re-elect this guy or move in another direction.

If you care about public education, our teachers and our children, the choice is pretty clear.

JEFF NEAL is the Editor of the Commonwealth Journal. Email him at Follow him on Twitter at @jnealCJ.

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