At Burnside Bingo and Pub, the whole community wins.

Located in the old home of the End Zone Pizza and Pub, Burnside Bingo and Pub offers something to eat and something to do.

You can come and just enjoy a hot and fresh pie, or you can play Bingo -- or both.

And if you do the latter, you'll be helping out one of this community's non-profit causes.

"It's definitely (meaningful)," said manager Brennan Perkins. "We're in it for the business, but at the same time, we're able to give back."

That's part of what led owners Brook Ping and Ryan Godby to open the business in Burnside's Stonebrook Pavilion along South U.S. 27, "just to help some of the local charities," noted Perkins.

Bingo games on Sunday and Monday benefit the Liberty Nature Center, which takes in and helps rehabilitate different animals. Friday and Saturday is for K911-KY, which deals in service dogs and obedience classes, and Burnside Little League is looking to start next week for Tuesday and Thursdays.

"With the profits, we can take care of all the animals at Liberty. It helps us buy food for our animals and cages and stuff like that," said Frances Carter of Liberty Nature Center. "Burnside Little League is doing it so no kids have to pay for anything. All their uniforms, everything would be taken care of."

Added Carter, "Money is tight. Donations aren't given as freely as they used to be. It's good to have a source of income to find your charities."

Additionally, the restaurant gives a dollar back on every large pizza sold to Project 58:10, a local outreach ministry that helps disadvantaged children good food supply bags to take home with them for the weekend when they aren't at school.

Games include regular and electronic Bingo and pull-tab gambling tickets. Games usually start at 7 p.m., but pull-tabs (available paper and electronic) can be obtained after 5:30 p.m.

But there's much more to Burnside Bingo and Pub than just playing games for a good cause.

"During the day, we're a restaurant and bar, but at night, we've got full Bingo going on," said Perkins, "but we still serve beer and food."

Those who miss End Zone's pizza will be happy to know that it's back.

"It's the exact same pizza, the same cook, Mandi Gutelius," said Perkins. "She's great at what she does. Before End Zone closed, she was there nine years. She's got plenty of experience in the pizza world."

The restaurant serves all kinds of pizzas, from thin crust to deep-dish, and has plenty of appetizers too. Perkins singled out the "really good" garlic knots, "just deep-fried dough and garlic and parmesan." Or try fried pickles, jalapeno poppes, homemade potato chips, or beer-battered onion rings with your meal.

If you aren't in the mood for pizza, Perkins also recommends the restaurant's burger, made with 100-percent black Angus that comes with fries or can be upgraded to an appetizer.

Burnside Bingo and Pub opened in late January. Regular customers coming for food and gaming can make up the bread-and-butter of business, but in a tourism town like Burnside, the best may be yet to come.

"With the lake being right there, we're hoping it brings in people from Ohio and different states," he said. "During the summer, we'll start doing delivery, to docks and places like that."

Reaction to Burnside Bingo and Pub has been "awesome" so far, said Perkins.

"People love the pizza. It's a clean restaurant. If it's clean, people like it," he said. "Great pizza, great environment, great staff. We're trying to keep everyone happy."