BURNSIDE — The Burn-side Police Department is receiving a lift through three different programs that will help with funding and protection of the city.

The Burnside City Council passed resolutions authorizing the police department to be a part of the Body Armor program, a resolution for Burnside to take part in a UNITE program that could potentially provide the department with another officer, and were told about a program that allows officers overtime to concentrate on traffic safety.

Police Chief Eddie Glover said this is probably the first time since he’s been in Burnside that the department has received grants, and noted that these programs have helped tremendously.

Burnside applied to be a recipient of the Kentucky Body Armor Program and will receive $993 in funding that will help the department purchase three new pieces of protective apparel, allowing all of the officers to have protection.

“Safety-wise, it makes me as a supervisor more comfortable knowing we have the best equipment that can be provided,” said Chief Eddie Glover.

Glover said that by the end of the month, the department should hopefully have the new equipment.

The department received a grant through the Governor’s Highway Safety Program for overtime to help with traffic safety. Via the program, officers are allowed to work four hours of overtime in a four-hour period. Glover said in the first week — the week of May 14 — the department wrote 65 citations.

Glover explained that the program puts more officers on the street and makes them more visible.

The traffic safety program goes through Sept. 30.

“It’s not about the number of citations you write, but about the number of injuries that can be prevented and lives saved,” said Glover.

Also, the council approved a resolution explaining that Burnside desires to participate in an interlocal agreement with other participating counties cities and their sheriff’s departments to be funded and administered through UNITE in order to combat illegal drug use through a comprehensive campaign of investigation, treatment and education.

Glover explained that in the near future this could put a UNITE officer’s primary location in Burnside. He said the officer would wouldn’t be limited to the Burnside area, but his primary responsibility would be Pulaski County.

Glover said that by passing the resolution it sets it up where if a new UNITE officer wanted to locate in Pulaski County they would have the opportunity to do that, but there is no exact time frame for that to happen.

“I honestly think with out benefit package it won’t take long,” said Glover.

In other business:

• A resolution for maintenance and ownership of roadway segments affected by reconstruction of KY 90 was read and accepted. The issue was tabled at an earlier meeting because the council wanted to speak with the Transportation Department about extending Childress Drive.

Mayor Lovins told the council that the Transportation Department did come back and extend the drive.

By accepting the resolution they agreed to take in land from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet from a junction with Weyland Drive extending east to the intersection with Childress Drive (a .16 mile distance) and from a junction with the reconstructed KY 90 extending north to a junction with existing Childress Drive (a .03 mile distance).

• The council tabled an application for an entertainment license by Sandra Spradlin, restaurant owner/manager.

“We would like to have live entertainment at the Spradlin’s Kountry Kitchen in the dining room on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and possibly on Tuesday evenings. It will be Jam Sessions consisting of Gospel, Bluegrass and Country music with no more than 6 to 8 entertainers on the floor at one time. The entertainers play voluntarily and we will not be charging a cover charge. It is just music for our customers to enjoy while they have their dinner,” said Spradlin in a letter to the city.

The council voted to table the issue for 30 days or until the next council meeting so more information could be obtained and hopefully all council members could be on hand (Councilors Jim Rasnick and David Baugh were absent).

• Instead of having a second reading of the planning and zoning ordinance that would change the schedule of fees for building permits, conditional use permits, certificates of occupancy, applications for map or text amendments and other activities that are of cost to the city, the council voted to table the issue for 30 days or until the next meeting.

Councilors had questions on the issue and also wanted to wait until the two councilors who were absent could be present at the time of the vote.

• The council approved adjusting the salaries of the elected officials to a higher rate beginning next January.

The adjustment would change council members rate’s from $600 a year to $1,000 and the mayor’s salary from $5,400 to $7,200 a year.

“If you’re doing this work, people ought to be willing to do it for nothing,” said Councilman Conard Bryant.

Regarding that comment, Councilman Chuck Fourman said he probably uses more than $600 in fuel.

“I would like to do everything for free, but you can volunteer your life away,” said Fourman.

Mayor Lovins added, “If a person feels badly accepting (the money), maybe they should work a little harder to earn it.”

City Clerk Cecil Goff Jr. also added that he felt that the payment the officials receive is just a little reimbursement for what they do.

The motion to accept the rate change passed unanimously.

• The city council amended the 2005-2006 fiscal year budget to have an increase of $81,000. That extra money came from taxes. With that increase, the Police will receive an increase of $35,000 for auto-related matters and an increase of $2,000 for the office and other matters. The fire department will receive an increase of $4,000 relating to vehicles and equipment, and the contingency funds will receive an increase of $11,000. Because it was a first reading, no vote was taken.

• The City of Burnside had the first reading of the 2006-2007 Budget Ordinance. The budget will be $6,385,250. Lovins said the proposed budget will includes the sewer project, though other than that, it is basically the same other than adding in cost of living and inflation. Because it was a first reading, no vote was taken.

• The city read and accepted a proclamation supporting Goodwill Industries celebrating Goodwill Industries Week June 4 through June 10.

• There was a first reading of an ordinance amending the City of Burnside’s Restaurant Tax ordinance in order to clarify taxable sales and tax rate in regard to alcoholic beverages. The ordinance just makes clear that the gross retail sales that have the 3 percent tax imposed does not include alcoholic beverages because those are reported under another ordinance. Because it was the first reading, no vote was taken.

• The city unanimously voted to close part of Boland Avenue after a second reading of an ordinance was read. The first reading of the ordinance was read on May 16, during a special called meeting and a public hearing regarding the street closure was held prior to the meeting.

• The next Burnside City Council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on July 9.

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