Denney turns over new page as Pulaski Children's Librarian

Christopher Harris I CJ

New Children's Librarian at the Pulaski County Public Library Robyn Denney stands next to the popular tree centerpiece of the children's department. Denney has been on the job throughout October. 

"It's my dream job."

Many young people conjure up dreams in the children's department of the Pulaski County Public Library. For Robyn Denney, however, the dream is all right there.

Denney is the new head Children's Librarian at the library on South Main Street in Somerset, and is thrilled to be in a position to help children discover the love of reading.

Before this job, Denney, a Somerset High School graduate, worked at Hopkins Elementary as a kindergarten instructional assistant, so she has plenty of experience working with young minds.

"My most favorite part of being in the kindergarten classrooms was reading," she said. "You could walk into the classrooms, and I was constantly reading to the kids, with funny voices and much animation. That's what I get to do here. I get to go out and be in the community and do it over and over again. It's the most wonderful thing."

Denney, who started at the beginning of the month, went to Meece Middle School Friday to read to fifth-graders and saw up close the effect sharing literature with children can have.

"To watch their eyes as I was reading this story get bigger and bigger and bigger, and they were just hanging on to every word," said Denney. "They wanted to know the end of it. I'm hoping they're picking it up, whatever level (the child) is at, and going, 'I can't wait to get to the end of that.'"

Denney said the library is already planning for the regular summer reading program -- "We can't wait to get it here and get it kicked off," she said -- as well as close r events like the Halloween Safe House, partnered with the Somerset Junior Woman's Club, which will feature goodies, scary stories and more on October 30, which trick-or-treating is going on in the city and county.

When she was a child, Denney's favorite children's book was the series featuring the beloved Berenstain Bears.

"I read so many, but that was probably what I checked out the most," she said. "They're just so wholesome."

Charlotte Keeney, director of the Pulaski County Public Library, is happy to have Denney on board.

"I'm really excited, because she's got experience with the kids in the school system," said Keeney. "I think she'll be great."

Denney said the transition has been "seamless" so far.

"I feel like that's partly because it's my dream job, and I want to be here doing what I'm doing," she said, "but also, I have to give props to the staff because of Presley (Adams) and Brooke (Duell) to kind of carry me through and say, 'This is what we need to be doing.' I would have struggled but it's been perfect."