Fair attraction  leaves riders up in the air


The Alter Ego ride at the Pulaski County Fair -- the tallest ride at the event -- had a malfunction that left several riders up in the air for over an hour, according to several Facebook posts.

Some Pulaski County fairgoers had a scary moment Thursday evening when one of the midway rides stopped functioning, leaving them more than 100 feet in the air.

A Facebook post made by Jinny Brock Brinson showed a video in which ride attendants appeared to use a rope to bring down the arm of a ride called "Alter Ego."

Brinson posted that passengers were stuck for an hour and 10 minutes.

Attempts by the Commonwealth Journal to contact Brinson or anyone involved in the incident were unsuccessful.

The midway entertainment for this year's fair is being provided by Kissel Entertainment out of Okeana, Ohio. A voicemail left at the phone number listed on Kissel's website was not returned. Staff at the fairgrounds referred the Commonwealth Journal to that corporate phone number.

The website describes the ride in question as being 120 feet tall and flipping riders head over feet.

As of 6:30 p.m. Friday, the ride was not in operation.