Fair has been a good time for all


Drivers at the KTPA Truck and Tractor pull get prepped for their individual runs on Thursday night at the Pulaski County Fair.

The Pulaski County Fair was on its fourth night on Thursday with beautiful weather. A large crowd of young and old alike filled the Midway, and sat in the stands for the KTPA Truck and Tractor Pull and the Pretty Baby Contest.

Everyone who has ever attended the Pulaski County Fair has always left the event with a smile on their face. And everyone that came out on Thursday night had their own special reasons for coming to the Pulaski County Fair.

For 18-year-old Regi Cundiff, the fair was a great place to hang out with her friends and maybe see some friends she hadn't seen since school was out.

"I like seeing everybody here at the fair," stated Cundiff. "I have seen people that I have not seen all summer. You see them and go talk to them, it's like a big community thing."

Cundiff also likes the carnival type foods offered at the Pulaski County Fair.

"I love the funnel cakes here, duh, hello," Cundiff laughed. "Nothing fancy, just the powdered sugar and roll with it."

Shae Barnes loved the scary rides and enjoyed the great outdoor atmosphere.

"My favorite ride is the Alter Ego," Barnes stated. "It does want it does. We are here enjoying this beautiful night at the Pulaski County Fair. Everybody needs to come out and enjoy, and guarantee you that you will have a good time."

For 18-year-old Liv Perry, who is from Murfreesboro, Tenn., the Pulaski County Fair was a once in a lifetime experience.

"I have never been here before and I just rode my first carnival ride," stated Perry. "It was great!"

For six-year-old Ace Eaton, the rides and food were the highlights of his night at the Pulaski County Fair.

"My favorite ride at the fair is the Dragon, and I love to eat the cotton candy," Ace Eaton stated. "I'm not sure what flavor the cotton candy is, but it is pink."

Pulaski County Fair president Ryan Cash stated that this year's fair turnout has been great despite a few rain showers.

"We have had a really good week so far," Cash stated. "Every night we have had spots of rain but attendance has been pretty good. We had a new event, the Rodeo, which we hadn't had in a few years. That turned out really well, and a lot of people seem to enjoy it.'

"Tonight, looks to be another good night," Cash said. "We have the Lucas Oil Tractor and Truck Pull here tomorrow, and that is the first time we have ever had them here. Saturday night we come back with the Large Car Derby and we are expecting about 50 or 60 cars for that."

"We expanded the midway and made room for a few more rides and more space, so everybody is not so crowded," Cash added. "The gravel really helped with the rain, because it is not muddy like it use to be."

If you haven't been to the Fair yet this week, you still have a couple more days to experience this great community entertainment event.

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