Who doesn't love food?

Sweets, treats, pizza, BBQ, burgers, beer and everything else you can think of.

Last weekend, the City of Somerset treated the community to some great smells and tastes with the inaugural Foodstock event -- which provided a festival-type atmosphere downtown. Instead of hot rods, Somerset was flooded with some fantastic food trucks from all over the region.

What's there not to like?

Aside from the deliciousness, local artists fanned out along East Mt. Vernon Street, as well as at the Carnegie Art Center.

Music was in the air.

And, most importantly, it brought us together.

That is a theme that Somerset Mayor Alan Keck trumpeted throughout his campaign -- he said he wanted to do things within the city that would unify us.

This is proof positive that sometimes it doesn't take a tense council vote, a new law, business negotiations or politics to reach us all.

Sometimes it's something as simple as good food, a glass of beer or soda pop and a little fellowship within our city.

Here's to the hope that Foodstock is the first of many new, fresh ideas we that will come to fruition

Thank you, Mayor Keck and the visionaries who put this exciting event together.

All we can say is -- let's do it again!

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