Grand jury returns 3 indictments against Hendricks

Gerald Avalon Hendricks

The Pulaski County Grand Jury has returned multiple indictments against a Science Hill man who was initially arrested in June on charges of rape and kidnapping.

Gerald Avalon Hendricks, 53, of Shady Grove Road, is scheduled to be arraigned today before Pulaski Circuit Judge Jeffrey Burdette on three separate indictments that were filed last Thursday:

• Hendricks is charged with first-degree Rape and Kidnapping of an Adult in connection to a February 1 incident.

• Hendricks is charged with first-degree Rape and two counts of Kidnapping of an Adult in connection to an April 24 incident.

• Hendricks is charged with first-degree Rape, first-degree Sodomy and Kidnapping of an Adult in connection to a May 1 incident.

Sergeant Kyle Wilson of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) served Hendricks with an arrest warrant on June 19 stemming from the investigation which PCSO's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) opened on April 24 after the woman accusing Hendricks of sexual assault -- one of two women held against their will that day -- reported her experience to authorities.

In regard to that incident, PCSO Sgt. John Hutchinson testified at a June preliminary hearing that Hendricks was at a residence on Cave Hill Road when an individual who lived there reportedly told him to kill the victims, who were also at the residence and whom that individual had accused of stealing his guns and being "rats" trying to set him up.

Armed with a sawed-off shotgun and pistol, according to testimony, Hendricks walked the victims to his vehicle and drove them to Rock Lick Creek Road. Det. Hutchinson testified that Hendricks stopped the vehicle at one point and made one of the women get out and strip so that he could check her and her property for a "wire." He allegedly destroyed the woman's transistor radio, thinking that it was a recording device, and tossed it in the weeds. This woman was, however, allowed to leave the scene on foot with her belongings.

Hendricks is then accused of driving the other woman to his home on Shady Grove Church Road, where he forced her to have sexual intercourse and then shower, according to Det. Hutchinson's testimony. Her ordeal ended with the arrival of another man who had also been at the first residence on Cave Hill Road.

The detective further testified that the sexual assault victim contacted authorities the day of the incident and underwent a rape kit examination at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital. The other kidnapping victim was interviewed by authorities later after she had been contacted, but Hutchinson testified that her story largely corroborated the other up until the point that she had been left behind on the gravel road.

With Pulaski District Judge Katie Slone determining there was probable cause to present that particular case to the grand jury, CID continued its investigation. On August 7, the commander of that unit -- Lieutenant Bobby Jones -- presented their findings to the grand jury, who then returned three separate indictments.

Lt. Jones told the Commonwealth Journal that the victims involved in the February and May incidents had been located through another active investigation currently underway by the Major Crimes Task Force.

Hendricks was served with the indictments the following day by Deputy Steven Alexander at the Pulaski County Detention Center, where he remained lodged at press time under a $300,000 cash or property bond.

Lt. Jones and CID are continuing the investigation.

The indictment of a person by a grand jury is an accusation only and that person is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty or otherwise pleads guilty.

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