Humane Society asking for photos, recipes for fundraising projects


Mandy was fourth-runner up in an international photo contest last year. Her success in that competition inspired local Humane Society organizers to start a calendar photo contest to raise money.

Save the date - or save your appetite. Or both, whichever you prefer. The Pulaski County Humane Society (PCHS) is bursting with fundraising ideas that the community is welcome to participate in, one of which is a photo contest to select animals for a 2020 calendar, and the other is to submit favorite recipes for a Humane Society cookbook.

The proceeds of both projects will go towards helping the local Humane Society.

Both projects have their own deadlines.

Those who want to submit recipes for the cookbook need to do so by August 25.

Entries for the photo contest must be submitted by September 6.

PCHS volunteer Marguerite Arnold said both ideas have their own origins.

"Being the desperate little non-profit we are, we are always looking to garner excitement and raise badly needed money," she said.

The inspiration behind the photo contest and calendar was one of the organizations most famous pups, Mandy.

The Bulldog-Dalmatian mix was rescued from an abusive situation and fostered by Humane Society volunteer Lisa Schultz.

When rescued, Mandy had cigarette burns and scars. She lost the vision in one eye and has only partial vision in the other.

In 2018, Mandy was entered into an international photo contest and won a $1,000 prize.

Arnold praised the dog for her recovery after being rescued, saying, "She's just an amazing dog, and to suffer what she went through and come out being the loving, sweet dog she is, it's a miracle she likes any of us."

According to Arnold, Schultz proposed a local photo contest to support the Pulaski group as well as get out the word about helping rescued animals.

The contest has an entry fee of $7 per entry or four entries for $25. Those four entries can be four photos of the same animal or four different animals.

Animals can be pets or livestock, as long as the animal has been rescued. Arnold said they would like to have the animal's story and background to add to the calendar.

Details on photo requirements are available through the organization's website,, but the biggest rules are no professional photographs are allowed and for those submitting to be aware that selected photos will be publicly published, meaning people should be mindful of what is in the background of photos.

Entries can be submitted to, with "Calendar Contest" in the subject line.

Hard copy entries can be submitted to PCHS, P.O. Box 448, Somerset, KY 42502.

Fees can be paid via PayPal or by a checks mailed to the address above.

As for the cookbook, Arnold said the inspiration for that came from Candice Girkey, the volunteer who runs the Humane Society's online auctions and yard sales.

"She found in working with those that cookbooks get snapped up immediately. You wouldn't believe how fast cookbooks go," Arnold said.

They are looking to have around 200 recipes, with Arnold saying that would be a good amount for a first-time attempt at creating a cookbook.

The book will feature a section strictly for pet recipes.

A person can submit up to 10 recipes, but organizers are asking that no more than half of the submitted items be desserts.

To submit recipes, go to, log in with the username of Chrisway and a password of apricot111, then create your own username and password before following the instructions.

As with the calendar contest, more information can be found on the society's website:

Anyone with questions on either project can contact the Humane Society at 606-451-2367.

Arnold said they plan to have the cookbook available for sale around mid-September and the calendar for sale around mid-October.