First-time use of electronic polling books (e-poll books) at every precinct in Pulaski County and more than 1,200 "inactive" voters allowed to re-register at the polls could tangle a red-hot gubernatorial election on November 5.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is extremely upset because she says the staff of Kentucky State Board of Elections, over objection of Kentucky's chief election official (Grimes) and without notice or vote of approval by the Board of Elections, designated more than 175,000 Kentucky voters' records "inactive," impacting their participation in coming elections. Some 1,253 registered voters (listed below) in Pulaski County are included on the "inactive" list.

Grimes raised concerns regarding what she calls an illegal "inactive" list and noted thousands of these "inactive voters" actually voted as early as 10 months ago in the 2018 General Election. Initially, reason given for the "inactive" status was these voters had not voted in two previous federal elections.

Jennifer Scutchfield, assistant director of the State Board of Elections, says the reason 1,253 Pulaski County registered voters and about 175,000 across the state have been put in an "inactive" list is two mailings to their addresses were not returned.

" We tried to notify ... we sent one mailing and these were not returned. We sent a second mailing and these were not returned," Scutchfield said. The "inactive" voters must update addresses to show where they currently live, she indicated.

"They are still registered," insisted Scutchfield. However, when an "inactive" registered voter goes to the polls at the November 5 General Election, if they have not updated their registration, they will have to re-register at the precinct. An "inactive" registered voter will be allowed to re-register at the precinct, but unregistered voters must have registered to vote by the October 7 deadline or they will not be allowed to vote.

Mark Vaught, Pulaski County election coordinator, Becca Shepherd, Election Department manager, and Tanya Brown, deputy county clerk, all reiterated an "inactive" registered voter at the polls will be able to vote, but they will have to fill out an "Oath of Voter" card and voter registration card before voting.

"A precinct officer first must call the county clerk's office to make sure the potential voter is a registered voter on the "inactive" list," said Vaught. "Then he or she, if on the 'inactive' list, must register again at the polls."

Pointing out likelihood of Pulaski countians voting heavily during a gubernatorial election, a reporter wondered what happens if a large percentage of the more than 1,200 "inactive" voters go to the polls and have to re-register during voting hours. What kind of tie-up will this create at polling places on Election Day?

"You'll have to ask your county clerk about that," Scutchfield responded. However, she said only about 10 percent of "inactive" voters have shown up at the polls during previous elections.

Pulaski County Clerk Linda Burnett said she is optimistic "inactive" voters won't show up in sufficient numbers to clog precincts during voting hours. Two officers at each precinct have training sessions scheduled on how to use e-poll books. The computers will replace traditional paper-based roster books a voter signs as he or she enters a polling place to vote.

Following is a list of "inactive" voters in Pulaski County. Names are alphabetized to ease search for a voter:

Golnaz Noel AAlam, Annette L. Abel, Donna Marie Abel, Timothy L. Adams, Mike Lynn Adams, Daphne Lynn Adams, Elbert Ivan Adams, Phillip G. Adkins, Barbara Damm Affrunti, Ernest Thomas Alcorn II, Jennica Lyn Alden, Carson Landon Alexander Jr., Nannie Frances Alexander, Shane F. Allen and Katherine L. Allen.

Also, Susan Alley, Michael David Allison, Anna F. Allman, Kevin Matthew Amburgey, Tawnya Ann Amburgey, Terre Anne Ament, Bruce R. Anderson, Nathaniel Seth Anderson, Harold C. Anderson, Kristen Deanne Anderson, Laura Cervantes Anguiano, Staci Lynn Ard, Carrie Ann Arnold, Vernon Asher and Mary Louise Ashley.

Also, Morgan Paige Avera, Helen Ruth Avritt, Shenna Cathy Marl Bailey, Amy Nichole Baird, Jason J. Baker, Amanda R. Baker, Hobert Wayne Baker, Jason S. Baker, Scottie Norman Baker, Rebecca Gail Baker, Tiffany Mae Baker, Shahroukh Bakhshay, Pympna Louise Bakhshay, Michael Tye Ball and Jackie Ball.

Also, Candace Sue Ball, Timothy R. Ball, Kenneth Wayne Barber, Barney Lee Barnes, Christine Barnes, Tonya Sue Barnes. Lois Ellen Barnette, Janie L. Barron, Theresa L. Barron, Michael Lee Barron, Jason Eric Barron, Cindy L. Barron, Michael L. Baskey, Melissa Ranel Tart Bastin, Nancy M. Bean and Amanda Bean.

Also, Kenneth Clarke Bean, Ina A. Beard, Beth Ann Beasley, Max E. Beasley, Randolph Jay Beauman, Matthew J. Becker, Melissa Kay Beddow, Harold Daniel Beddow, David M. Behrman, Diana L. Belcher, Matthew William Bendis, Ruth Ann Benge, Georgianne Smith Bennett and Ivis Duel Bennett.

Also, Patrick J. Berner, Peggy Mcnees Berner, Rachel Frances Berner, David M. Berry, Patsy A. Bevis, Virginia Ruth Blackburn, Virgil H. Blair, Kasey Danielle Blair, Maxine W. Blair, Keith Allen Blake, Suzanne S. Blake, Barbara Jane Blankenship, Bobby Wayne Blanton and Robert Wayne Blanton.

Also, Joshua Todd Blasz, Jennifer Marie Blevins, Robert S. Blevins, Joshua Caleb Blevins, Lauren R. Blum, Donald E. Blum, Leta Bates Bobbitt, Brandon Michael Bobbitt, Stanley Kim Bogle, Opal Lillian Bolin, Mark A. Bookout, Brittany Michelle Bookout, Jerry L. Booth and Christopher Boren.

Also, Erin E. Boren, Michelle L. Boring, Michelle Renae Borman, George Willard Bow, Christopher W. Bowcock, Rebecca A. Bowman, Irving A. Boyd, Linda Stephens Bradley, Marice R. Brandel, Victoria Lea Brandel, Peggy Sue Branscum, Rachel M. Brantley and Courtney Lynn Brewer.

Also, Shirley M. Bridgewater, Angela Renee Britton, William Calvin Brock, Anita Grace Brock, Crystal Rain Brock, Dannette Brooks, Eva Loyce Brown, Ewell D. Brown Jr., Melissa Brown, Jerriene Kay Brown, Belinda G. Brown, Troy W. Brown, Elizabeth Faddis Bruce and Elizabeth Michelle Brummett.

Also, Louis Bubnick, Dawn M. Buck, Wilma Jeanne Bumgardner, Suzie J. Burakowski, Christopher Ryan Burcham, Larry David Burdine, Heather C. Burdine, Susan V. Burkenpas,

George W. Burkhart, Thomas Clayton Burns Jr., Robbie P. Burns, Tina L. Burns and Harley Jeremy Burton.

Also, Julia Ann Burton, Patricia Tagge Butler, Timothy F. Butler, Allan Evans Butler, Emily Constance Butler, Dennis Mack Butler, Kathy Jo Butt, Jesse Donovan Butt, Jason Matthew Butte, Candance Ranea Buttree, Laura Ellen Buxton, Ashley Michelle Bybee, Shirley Harmon Byrd and Robert N. Cabaniss.

Also, Anthony Ray Cain, Bridgette Cain, Joanne Slaughter Calder, Ardis Jaynes Caldwell, Betty J. Calhoun, Eunice Louise Cameron, James Lee Cameron, A.B. Campbell, Jerry Lee Campbell, Billy Joe Campbell, Earl K. Campbell Jr., Sonja Faye Campbell, Shawna Gail Campbell and Marie Campbell.

Kathyrn Lee Canada, James Cecil Canada III, Richard W. Canada Sr., Ashley Nicole Cano, Brittany Elizabeth Cardenas, Marsha Carlotta, Roberta Jewell Carlyle, Winston Carlyle, Edward F. Carr, Ovalene Mercer Carrender, Angela Dale Carter, William Jeffrey Carter, Amanda J. Carter, Ronald Dean Casada and Erica Casey.

Ricky L. Cassidy, Emily Mary Caudill, Linda K. Cavin, Robert D. Cavin, Karen Chadwell, Bobbie Ray Chadwell, Gary L. Chadwell, Paul B. Chadwell, Karen D. Chamberlain, Richard Ottis Chambers, Mark L. Chance, Marion Michael Chaney, Bryan Chapin and Nicole Chapman.

Richard Dale Childress Jr., Kathy Ballinger Childress, Beth Ann Choate, Cory E. Christman, Cindy McKinney Christmas, Terry A. Clapp, Melissa C. Clare, Erin C. Clarey, Gayle Carol Clark, Tiffany Lynn Clark, Ronnie Sherrod Clark, Cristen Antoninett Clark, Joyce Carew Clark and Trena J. Clawson.

Also, Aaron Todd Clontz, Chelsea Colleen Cochran, Jeanetta Fay Cockrell, Howard Cockrell, Aaron Dewayne Coffey, Misti A. Coffey, Paul Fre Colbert, Rodney G. Cole, John Edward Cole, Jeffrey Lee Colson, Mary A. Colucci, Terry W. Colwell and Marty Dean Colwell.

Also, Cecil Colwell, June Bry Colyer, Martha Mary Conrad, Carolyn Kay Cook, Edward A. Cook, Harold M. Cook, George William Cook, Jessica A. Cook, Shirley A. Coolbaugh, Wilmot Arthur Coolbaugh, Allen E. Cooler, Stephen Addington Coomer, Margaret C. Coomer and Hailee Beth Coomer.

Also, David Olaf Cooper, Connie Joyce Copeland, Paul J. Copenhaver, Judith Ann Corbin, Karla Cordon, James Frank Cornett, Winston S. Correll, Gwen H. Correll, Cheyenne Couch, Michael Wayne Couch Sr., Timothy J. Courtright, Randy T. Covert, Sarah D. Cowan, Delores Ann Cox and Sharon S. Cox.

Also, Clara Dean Cox, Paul Raymond Cox, Christopher Matthew Cox, Shetiga Jeri Coyle, Janice Ellen Crabb, Mary Louise Bru Crabtree, Natalie L. Craft, Margie Hampton Crawford, Mellia Creech, Renee L. Croce, James F. Croce, Eric Daniel Crowder, Raymond P. Cumberledge and Dirk Robert Cundiff.

Also, Ashlie E. Cundiff, Lissa Ann Cunliffe, Traci D. Curns, Odessa P. Curry, Ashley C. Curtis, Joseph L. Cusmai, Anna M. Cuzick, Aloris Forbes Dale, David Dale, Christine Dalton, Philip Andrew Danchise, Robyn Lynn Danchise, Marion L. Danielson and Jeffrey L. Danna.

Also, Sandee Elizabeth Darnall, Casey Allen Daugherty, Karolyn S. Davenport, Allissa L. Davidson, Justin Michael Davis, John Frederic Davis, Jeffery W. Davis, Donna Kid Davis, Daniel Edward Davis, Brian E. Davis, Robert Dale Dawson, Kristy N. Day, David S. Day and Ernst Lee Dearduff.

Also, Willard J. Dearduff, Patsy R. Decker, Leonard Benton Decker, Benny Decker, Douglas A. Deeds, James Gary Dekors, Andera A. Delhafen, Albert O. Delp, Larry Nathaniel Denham, Matthew J. Denington, Rhonda Renee Denney, Thomas Matthew Dennis, Jacob Ray Dennison, Ray Denton and Tracy M. Devoss.

Also, Herman L. Dick, Tabitha Ann Dick, Richard Allen Dills, Betty L. Dion, Peggy Sue Dixon, Rachel Darlene Dobbs, Samantha Dobbs, Tony L. Dobbs, Steven Matthew Dodge, Ralph Howard Done III, Matthew Scott Dopp, Christopher Steven Dorgan, Levi Dorton Jr., and Joseph L. Dover.

Also, Shirley Jean Dowell, Evalynn Paula Drettmann, Paul Eberhard Drettman, Susan L. Dubitsky, Jeanne Marilyn Dulong, Jeffery Kent Duncan, Larry C. Duncan, Scott Jeffrey Duncan, Donna Kay Duncan, Steven Joshua Duncan, Patricia Layne Duncil, Jaquelynn Durbin, Vincent Lee Durham and John Michael Dyal.

Also, Lloyd Brian Dye, Chris Lynn Dykes, Jason L. Dykes, Timothy W. Dykes, Richard Lyle Earhart, Wilda Harris Eaton, Katherine Eben, Rendi Lee Ecklund, Arloa Kimberly Edwards, Janet Michelle Edwards, Maxine Lois Edwards, Terrie Jean Eggers, Heather T, Ehtisham and Melva J. Elabed.

Also, Della Eldred, Otis D. Eldridge, Grace Salvatera Ellis, John M. England, Sharon L. England, Stanley B. Engle, Jessie Gay Erp, Sarah Elizabeth Erp, Christopher Espinoza, Pamela P. Estes, Leonard E. Estes, Eva Christine Eubank, Norma Mae Eubank and Barbara J. Evans.

Also, Aaron E. Fannin, Shawnna Clairann Farmer, Donna J. Farmer, Andrea Marie Farnsworth, Donald Farnsworth, Douglas M. Fay, Evalyn Louise Felger, Glenn A. Ferguson, Samuel Martin Festian, Thomas Jorge Festian II, Amber Nicole Fields, Timmy Fields, Margaret Allen Firetto, Nancy C. Fish and Todd Edward Fitzgerald.

Also, Madison Dale Flowers, Jeffery Wayne Flowers, Felicia Floyd, Barry D. Flynn, Pamela Kay Flynn, William Joseph Ford, Douglas L. Forschner, Ashley Ann Foster, Randall Lee Foster, Anna J. Foster, Leonidas Foster, Jamie L. Fox, Anthony James Fox and Anthony Charles Frank.

Also, Carmen M. Frank, Dean P. Frazier, David E. Frederick, Barbara A. French, Cassie Nichole Fugate, Joy Nicole Fugate, Brenda A. Gadd, Ashley A. Gaines, Thomas S. Gardner, Thomas Christophe Garner, Gerald D. Garrett Jr., Tiffany Ann Garris, Steven Wayne Gastineau and Laura L. Gay.

Also, Paul Gayheart, Jerry Lee Gaylor, Dorothy Chandler Gear, Clarence Lewis Gear, Jesse Michael Gentile, Brian David Gentry, Dustin Gentry, David T. Gibson, Anthony Eugene Gilbert, Sarah K. Gill, Rhonda Kay Gilmore, James W. Gilmore, Amelia Godsey Gilpin and Doreen Kay Gipson.

Also, Wanda Jane Wilso Girdler, Nancy B. Giudici, Brian O. Glant, Nadean Childers Glover, Dorothy Wilson Goad, Adam Wade Godbey, Oneida Muse Godbey, Linda R. Godbey, Melvin McClellan Godby, Melvin M. Godby Jr., Ada Frances RO Godsey, Georgia Goff, Katryna N. Goins and Kaitlyn Nicole Goins.

Also, Michael Ray Goodman, Misty Helene Graham-Stapleton, Sabrina J. Grant, Lauren Patricia Grant, Joshua James Gray, Amy Chapman Green, Thomas Orbra Greer, Teresa Joy Gregory, Jennifer Cla Gregory, Violet M. Griffin, Iona Adams Griffin, Doris Jean Griffin, Melody Lynn Griffis and Jennifer Renee Grinnell.

Also, John Otha Grooms Jr., Jacquelin M. Grubb, Ralph Mason Gruwell, James F. Guidici, Jason D. Gulley, Amy Sue Gunter, Anna Louise Gutting, Opal Rut Habermehl, Claire Baisley Hacker, Angela Rae Hager-Watson, Harold G. (Jack) Hahn, Derrick N. Halcomb, Kenneth D. Hall, Debra Hall and Trampus Wayne Hall.

Also, Justin R. Hall, Belinda D. Hall, Melinda Hall, Lee Roy Hamlin, Marie Hamlin, Howard Hamm, Jessica Leigh Hammond, Virena D. Hampton, Lodena M. Hampton, Ronald Hampton, Keith Frank Hancock, Teresa Renie Haney, Trent Thomas Hannemann and Dennis D. Harbison.

Also, John Michael Hardee, Kathryn Cleota Hardin, Jason Lance Hardwick, Lonnie A. Harness, Johnny L. Harness, Melody Doris Harris, Angel Rachele Harris, Jessica Nicole Harrison, Jai Bradley Harrison, Diane Haste, Christopher Ryan Haste, Sandra Dee Haste-Conner, Velma Haston, Naomi Lynn Hatchell and Delores Irene Hatfield.

Also, Kelly Marie Hawk, Karen R. Hawkins, Brook Leslie Hayes, William Gob Hayes, Emma Jean Haynes, Jared Travis Haynes, Marian N. Heath, Elwood E. Heath, Jenifer Jo Hefner, Robert William Hekel, Gary W. Helt, Melissa K. Hendricks, Joey Lee Hendrickson abd Rodney Allan Henry.

Also, Mary Ann Hensley, Shawn Matthew Hensley, Bradley J. Herron, George Douglas Hess, Howard Ronald Higginbotham, Darin J. Hildoer, Deborah Clark Hill, Karen L. Hill, Kimberly Mae Hines, Jessica P. Hines, Russell Hines, Kevin Edwin Hinz, Patricia A. Hobbick and Kesa Ann Hoebbel.

Also, Claude Edward Hoffman, Lori Kat Hoffman, Mary Ann Holman, Thomas J. Hoover, Bruce S. Hopkins, Jessica Marie Hopper, Charles Fredrick Horton Sr., Jacqueline Annette Horton, Karen M. Horton, Lucinda Marie Hotop, Tanya Louise Houdesheldt, Billie H. Howell, Teresa L. Huddleston and Tylor Anthony Hudson.

Also, Jean D. Huff, Tracey M. Huff, William O. Huff, Christy A. Huffman, Loretta S. Huffman, Jerel E. Hughes Jr., George D. Hughes, John B. Humphrey, Gary L. Humphreys, Christopher Hurd, Kristie J. Hurless, Charles W. Hurst, Melissa Pakkala Hustak and Keith T. Hustak.

Also, John D. Husted, William James Hutchinson, Marty Layne Hylton, Charity May Ikerd, Beatrice T. Isaac, Brandon C. Jackson, Kasandra Gail Jacoby, Thomas Paul Jalbert, Phillip Steven James, Jewel Ann Jasper, Ronald Dav Jasper, Kent B. Jasper, Thadeus Michael Jaworski, Laura M. Jenkins and Danielle Christine Jenkins.

Also, Sherry Lynn Jenkins-Corbin, Ernestine Jerrell, Paul Ray Jerrell, Tabatha Beth Johns, Joyce Anne Johnson, Jason Edward Johnson, Nancy L. Johnson, Rita Dean Johnson, Darrell Edward Johnson III, Judith Lee Johnson, Kathryn Gail Johnson, Linda Sue Johnson, Terry A. Johnson and Regina N. Johnson.

Also, Darrell Edward Johnson Jr., Elaine Golden Johnson, Paul Marvin Johnson, Lorraine Elizabeth Johnson, Rocky Lee Johnston, Emily Michelle Johnston, Sally T. Jones, Jennifer Dawn Jones, Jeffery Aaron Jones, Rebecca Jones, Robert Charlie Jones, Glenda Kaye Jones, Kenneth Stevens Jones Sr, and James Allen Jordan.

Also, David G. Jordan, Kenneth Roy Jordan, Dana Sue Jordan, Perry Justice, Kimberly Kamphaus, Phillip John Karcheski, Kathleen Karcheski, Laura McCathern Katz, Scott Lee Kavanagh, Jenny Anne Keck, Jason Bradley Keeling, Gertrude Donovan Keaton, Joe Dennis Keeton and Norbert Starling Keith.

Also, Donald Lee Keith, Jennifer Lynn Keith, Janet P. Keith, Kelley Shawn Keith, Tammy Annette Keith, Sammie Jayne Kennedy, Juanita Burnett Kennedy, Vanessa Elaine Kennedy, Heather Kennedy, Robert Daniel Kepford, Matthew Lawrence Kerns, Claudia Anne Kerns and Jeffery Scott Kerns.

Also, Joan Kirby, Christopher Carl Kidd, Anna L. Kidd, Edith M. Kidwell, Homer Darrell King, Christopher Dale King, Lisa Ann King, Amanda S. King, Charles L. Kinney, Barbara Jones Kinney, Kevin Lee Kirby and Bryan Karl Kitching.

Also, Judith Hughes Kizer, Burl E. Klingler, Adam T. Klys, Harold D. Knuckles, Geneva Knuckles, Jesse Allen Koechler Jr., Joshua L. Koger, Christopher Thomas Kolasa, Lenora A. Kriecht, Phyllis Kaye Krueger, Jason Douglas Kruger, Duane J. Krupla and Chett L. Kukoly.

Also, Janet K. Kuntz, Raymond L. Kuntz, Terry L. Kunz, Kevin Mark Lachance, Alfred Robert Lackey, Tammy M. Lacoste, John Gillies Laing III, Musinem M. Laing, Roger P. Lambert, Kaci Ruth Lamkin, Jill Ann Lamothe-Bruns and Misti Land.

Also, Tina M. Lane, Cari Rashelle Lane, David E. Lane, Paula Danielle Langlois, David C. Lansaw, Cecil Larkins, Stephanie Larsen, Kimberly Michelle Lawhorn, Rachel Kathy Lay, Max Layton Lay, Jared Scott Ledbetter, Christinia M. Lee and Michael Way Lee.

Also, Katherine Lynnette Lee, Coy Chester Leigh, David Odell Leinart, Kara Jane Leinart, Robert J. Leonard, Rosa Leonard, Raymond J. Leurck, Yvonne Ellen Levy, Eric E. Lewallen, David W. Lewis, Sean Michael Lewis and Theresa Ann Lewis.

Also, Maria Lou Lewis, Marah A. Lieberman, Edith Lipps, Dorothy Hush Long, Andrew James Long, Karen S. Long, Keith R. Long, Theresa Long, Jeffrey S. Long, Ruth E. Lopez, Tanya A. Louderback, James W. Loveless and Christopher John Loveless.

Also, Tammy M. Loveless, Michael Loveless, David L. Loveless, Joann C. Loveless, Louis Telford Loveless, Patrick McCall Lovitt, Jennifer Kaye Lovitt, Erin N. Lucas, Alfredo Luna Jr., Linda K. Luster, James Daniel Luster, Betty Da Luttrell and Melissa M. Lykins.

Also, John L. Lykins Jr., Douglas Leland Macmurdo, Christopher Nathan Maddox, Stephanie Michell Maggard, Doris Lee Malcom, Barbara Gayle Malone, Edward Barry Manning, Clinton Lew Mapes, Debra Louise Mapes, Francy Mosocoso Mateus, Margaret Mary Maxwell and Darcy L. May.

Also, William Denver Mayfield, Dustin Eugene Mayfield, Ester Betty McCartt, Edith M. McCloud, Troy McCloud, Joyce Ann McCord, Ralph Gay McCoy Jr., Frances Ann McFall, Paul M. McFerron, Denice K. McLean, Debra James Mcleod, Ronald Gregory Mcleod and Mary Ann Mcleskey.

Also, Nora Marie McNeely, Jackie L. McNeely Jr., Linda Jo McPhail, Kristen Rae McWain, Karen Elizabeth Mealer, Benjamin D. Mears, Stephanie A. Mears, Christopher John Measel, Andrea Beth Medaugh, Jeffrey Alan Medaugh, Sherri Lyn Meece and Tina Kathleen Meece.

Also, Linda L. Meece, Elva Lexie Meece, Lelious Raymond Meeks Jr., Kelsey D. Meeks, Lori A. Melton, Jeffrey Alan Mepham, Amanda D. Mesalam, Aaron M. Meyer, Gabie A. Mick, Mitchell R. Miller, Betty J. Miller, Ethan D. Miller and Walter W. Miller.

Also, Shanella Ann Miller, Ashley R. Miller, Heather J. Mills, Tomroi Mills, Jeffrey Loren Miltimore, Tori N. Miltimore, Jerry Ray Mink, David A. Mink Jr., Jessica D. Mink, Sumuel L. Minton, Edna M. Minton and Marc Scott Mitchel.

Also, Suyapa Yaneth Moncada, James Adam Montgomery, Charles Moody, Ray Moore, Hazel C. Moore, Bessie Kathlene Moore, Marquette K. Moore, Shawn Emerson Morgan, Donald Ray Morgan, Scott Carl Morgan, Sarah Ashley Morgan, Marmaduke Morgan and Deborah Heckman Morgan.

Also, Jack A. Morgan, John Allen Morris, Donna Raye Morrow, Max E. Morton, Dale William Mote Jr.,Ashley E. Mowen, Darla Jo Mulligan, James Edward Mumea, Freda Mae Murphy, Kristan T. Muse, Jessie M. Mussetter, Alan L. Mussetter II and Florence M. Myers.

Also, Catherine A. Nagel, Karen Kemp Nalle, Barbara Jean Nash, James W. Neat, Pamela A. Nelson, Ronnie Lee Nevius Jr., Peggy L. New, Margaret Newell, Jeffery Craig Newland, Rita Newman, Richard D. Newman and William Lloyd Newsome.

Also, Margaret Ann Newton, Amber A. Niles, Toby Scott Noe, Giles L. Norlin, Kathy Diane Norris, Nancy Anne Novotny, Christopher R. Nozell, Ryan P. Nugent, Charles O'Dell, Theresa Marie Odenbach, Marlene D. Ogle, William F. O'Neall, Megan Osborn and Ruby Epperson Osborne.

Also, Vick Owens, Warren G. Owens, Jutta I. Owens, Brian Curtis Owens, Patricia Pallant, Harry R. Pallant, John G. Palmer, Robert Eric Park, Lois Parks, Janice J. Parks, Amy L. Parks, Larry Glen Parks and Pamela J. Patneaude.

Also, Brandon E. Patrick, Clayton J. Paxson, Rick C. Payne, Susan M. Pell, Marolyn L. Pemberton, Jeanie Sue Pennington, Mary Lafern Pennington, Rose Carolyn Pennington, Barbara L. Pepper, Heather M. Perkins, John L. Perkins and Delano R. Perry.

Also. Lawrence David Perry, Chad Eric Peters, Ruth Angela Petrolino, Thomas Dannie Peyton, Jamie L. Pfeiffer, Philip Andrew Phelps, Tracy Jerome Phillippi, Thomas Phillips, Wilma Ann Phillips, Deborah Fern Phillips, Dorothy Pickett, James K. Pifer, Marsha Lynne Pifer and Steven Bruce Pigman.

Also, Melisa Ann Ping, Larry Ross Ping II, William Edward Ping II, Phyllis Jane Ping, Irene Pinson, Steven D'Wayne Pinson, Sarena A. Pitcock, Bobby J. Pitman, James Allen Pittman, Anna Darlene Pittman, Lilla Mae Polson, Sharon N. Ponchot and Randy R. Porter.

Also, Patti Brooks Posner, Sabrina Marie Pottin, Stacy Nicole Potts, Heather D. Powell, Cecil R. Powell, Nettie L. Pratt, James Rowland Pratt, Melissa Lynn Prewitt, Linda Lou Price, Robert Anthony Price, Sondra L. Price and Josie Privett.

Also, Samuel Amos Pruett III, Shirley Suzanne Pruitt, John Crawley Pruitt, Lucinda Pumphrey, Jill Deborah Quaid, Herman Edward Quay III, Catherine Quay, Devangie Darlene Quick, Jason Warren Quick, Melinda P. Raabe, Zelta Randall, Linda R. Randall and Marilyn S. Randall.

Also, Donald R. Ransberger, Laura Grabe Ratliff, Roger Lee Raybould, Sandra M. Ream, Richard H. Ream Jr., Jacob Hunter Redmond, Kristen F. Reed, Lora Ann Reed, Charles E. Reed, Janey Mae Reed, Annetta Rehmel Rees, Monica Nichole Reinke and Jason R. Reinke.

Also, Jazmine Alice Renault, Sherry D. Rench, Douglas W. Rench, Lori A. Rench, Bryan D. Renfro, Christine Renfrow, Jerry Renfrow, Rachael Anne Rentschler, Amy I. Reynolds, Randy W. Reynoso, Russell Joseph Rhoads, Lois Diane Rhoden, Paul A. Rice and Dana Michelle Rice.

Also, Terry L. Richards, Gerald J. Richardson, Eugene Cliff Richardson, Patricia R. Richardson, Susan L. Richardson, Clifford Richardson, Douglas C. Richardson, Zachary Richardson, Jessica Erin Richey, Bertie Faye Ridner, Gene Edward Riggs, Elizabeth J. Rigney and Mary Riley.

Also, Brian Patrick Riley, Anna M. Risner, Paul Eric Ritchie, Robert L. Roberts, Jared J. Roberts, Viola Roberts, Scotty J. Roberts, Mary Emelia Roberts, Daniel E. Roberts, David Gregg Robertson, Dorothy Louise Rockwood, Jessica M. Rodefer, Geeta J. Rodrigues and Johnny C. Rodrigues.

Also, Beverly Shay Rodriguez, Justine Rodriguez Jr., Cathryn Roe, Larry Dean Rogers, Jessie Rogers, Edgar L. Rogers, William Guy Roll, Barbara Jeanne Roll, Betty Jean Rook, Christen Brooke Rose, Robert F. Rouse, Stephanie Rowe and Lillian Rowland.

Also, Ann Karin Rowland, Maurice Ruble, Timothy Mic Ruddy, June McConkey Runyon, David Hopkins Runyon, Katherine Rutledge, Lloyd Lamar Sammons, Mark J. Sampson, Eva Gladys Sams, Debra K. Sanders, Hector Santana Santiago, James L. Saylor, Angela Jo Scanlon and Rosalee D. Scarberry.

Also, Lori Ann Schinnerer, Ryan Matthew Schneider, Martin Jay Schrednitz, Deborah C. Seabolt, Lois C. Sears, Robbie Sears, Lloyd Sewell, Fayrene Smith Sexton, Lou Rhonda Shafer, Harry Vernon Shafer, Tilitha N. Shaffer, Lora Lynn Shavers and Dale Thornton Shaw.

Also, Jared P. Shaw, Clorissa J. Shaw, Thomas P. Sheldrake, Judy M. Sheldrake, Trisha J. Shelton, Michael M. Shepard, Natasha Nicole Shepherd, Karen Gale Shepherd, Sylvia Ann Sherman, Gara R. Sherwood, Shirley Mae Shirley, Frank Roy Shirley Jr., Patricia Marlene Shirrel and Diana Sue Short.

Also, Jeremy Chad Showers, Jonathan Daniel Shropshire, Amberia S. Silbernagel, Vicky J. Silvers, Maryann Simpson, Hazel M. Sims, Terry Anthony Sims, Christina A. Sims, Alvin I. Singleton III, Michael E. Sizemore, Allan H. Slade, Sally A. Slade and Karen M. Slavey.

Also, Brett Mathew Sledge, Farrah Lela Sliver, Lettie Sue Slone, Ira Harold Smith Jr., James D. Smith, Donald Wayne Smith Jr., Emily Rose Smith, Joshua C. Smith, Susan V. Smith, Laurel Ann Smith, Le'Andra Jean Smith, Misty Ann Smith, Diane T. Smith and Russell Ray Smith.

Also, Betty Katherine Smith, Samantha Jo Smith, Warren Shane Smith, Billy Wayne Sneed, Teresa Jean Snow, Richard Percy Snyder II, Krystal M. Sons, Alan D. Sorrell, Wendi S. Sorrell, Nathalee Renee Sourbeck, Victoria Rachelle Sowders, Melba Jean Sparks and Christopher William Sparks.

Also, Talmadge Ronald Sparks, Colton D. Spradlin, Chad E. Springman, Maranda J. St. John, Zachary William Staab, Henry Stacy, Amanda Stafford, Sean M. Stahley, Leslie Denice Stahley, Heather Ann Stamper, Shirley Standly, Brianna Nicole Stanley, Joseph Wayne Stanley and Alexandra Marie Stanziano.

Also, Benjamin Paul Stapleton, David B. Stapleton, Jeff B. Statzer, Lisa Estelle Stay, Beverly A. Steele, Scottie Ray Stephens, George Anthony Stephens, Janessa Jo Stevens, Linda F. Stevens, Sarah E. Stigall, Mary Magdalene Stigall, Kendall Grant StJohn and Jesse Reed Stockton.

Also, Margaret Ann Stogsdill, Loraine M. Stogsdill, Jeffrey M. Stoker, Theanda Arieal Stoker, Ashleigh Michelle Stratmann, Mark Jeffery Strickland, Estil Jay Stringer, Erica R. Strunk, Kimberly Ann Strunk, Lori Ann Stuart, John Raymond Sturgill, Carson Ray Sullivan, Joshua Allen Sutherland and Patricia Ann Swallow.

Also, James Lafayette Swallow, Janie Swe Sweet, Shaun C. Swift, Mark Kevin Sype, Cheryl Lynn Tarter, Amber Taylor, Shera Lynn Taylor, Johnny R. Taylor, Joseph Allen Taylor, Christina Diane Taylor, Eugene Avary Teeter, Tiffany Ann Tenorio, Keri Ellen Thomas and Patricia Jean Thomas.

Also, Gregory Austin Thompson, Matthew C. Thompson, Hettie Thompson, Timothy James Thompson, Quentin Shane Thompson, Karla Davis Thompson, Carole W. Thompson, Ethel C. Thompson, Wendell Lee Timmins, Marcia Lamb Timmins, Daphne Tincher, Shantella M. Todd and Emil F, Todorov.

Also, Lizette B. Tolentino, Cory A. Tramel, Michael Anthony Tramel, Sandra L. Trammell, Charles Lane Trantham, Joshua K. Travis, Harry R. Tritschler, Patricia Joan Tritschler, Larry E. Troxtel, Margarita A. Kiser Troxtell, Angel Dawn Tucker, Christopher Bruce Tucker, Kenneth Adamgene Tucker Jr. And Emily Dawn Turner.

Also, Jessi Christine Turner, Arthur L. Turner, Lola Edith Tyree, Kimberly Bush Uy, Megan Lorraine Valdez, Jo Ann Vanhook, Sherry Lynn Vanhook, Harold Mark Vanhook, Jonathan Scott Vanjonack, Kimberly Sue Vanover, Ron James Vanover Jr., Anita K. Vaughn and Kylie Reece Vela.

Also, Gerald Arden Vigus, Barbra G, Viner, William Edward Viner, Eric Paul Voge, Amanda J. Walden, Debra Lynn Waldrop, Tammy Sue Walker, Lora A. Walker-Dick, Nancie D. Wallace, William Edward Wallace, Billy Monroe Wallace, Cheryl A. Wallen, William Ray Wallen and Michael L. Wallen.

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Also, Timothy Keith Whitis, Jonathan Edward Whitson, Eric Lance Whitson, Rodney W. Whobrey, Shirley A. Wiley, George Arthur Wilke, Nell M. Wilke, Glenda N. Williams, Shelby Kaye Williams, Connie Lynn Williams, Jeffrey Allen Williams, Brian Keith Williams, Kitty Williams and Krista Lynn Williamson.

Also, Kay Elaine Wilmot, Michael Eugene Wilmoth, Crystal Lee Wilson, Lorie Rebecca Wilson, Ameia P. Wilson, James M. Wilson, Luttrell Lois Wilson, Sarah Abigail Wilson, Debra Smith Wingate, Ronald Wolfe, Retha Wood, Retha Hat Wood and Noel Kathryn Wood.

Also, Mary Elizabeth Wood, James Lee Woodson, Immacolata Liquori Wooldidge. Deborah Kay Woolsey, Brian Matthew Woosley, James O. Wright Jr., Marshall Duane Wright, Ryan M. Wright, Everett Wright, Steven Lyn Wright, Eva Diane Wright, Stacy Lynn Wyatt, Jennifer l. Yaney and Christopher A. Yaney.

Also, Shirley Pit Yocum, Tesla M. Young, Terry O. Young, George C. Young, Maye Young, Wendy A. Young, John Mathew Zeigler, John R. Zeilman and Carol A. Zimmer.

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