Jeff Wesley steps into SHS principal's role

Jeff Wesley

Somerset High School's new principal is Jeff Wesley, someone who has been at SHS for a year as assistant principal.

Wesley will officially take over the position on July 1. He will replace Charlie Brock, who has served as principal since 2017.

Last week it was announced that Brock is taking a principal's position with the Berea Independent School District.

Before coming to SHS, Wesley worked 13 years as a social studies teacher with Lincoln County schools.

He is a graduate of SHS himself, and up until recently a resident of Science Hill. With the promotion came Wesley's and his family's decision to move into Somerset, getting a house "just across the highway" from the school.

That move means a closer commute to work, but also means that he will be resigning a position as Science Hill commissioner.

He has served since January 2009 in the roles of Park Commissioner and Police Commissioner.

Wesley said he was happy to serve in his government roles. He is both excited and humbled about being named principal.

"I'm excited about it, and anxious to see what improvements we can continue to make and try to uphold the traditions of the school at the same time," he said.

Throughout the previous year, he said that he had an opportunity to get to know the students, whether through his duties as assistant principal or through the students' programs such as athletics and the arts.

"It was a great learning year for me, beginning in administration," he said. "I felt welcomed back in as a former Briar Jumper amongst the staff and the students. Even though it was one year, it feels like I've been here for a long time."

He gave credit to both the students and staff of SHS.

"We've got talented kids and talented adults here in this building. That certainly makes my job easier," he said.

He also gave credit to his former boss, Mr. Brock.

"Mr. Brock was good to me in giving me the opportunity to come here as a first-year administrator, and I appreciate the lessons that he taught me and the information that he passed on to me to help me continue in this position," he said.

Credit was also given to the administrators at Central Office, with Wesley saying they had given him great support.

That respect was returned, as Superintendent Kyle Lively announced Wesley's appointment to the position.

"We are very happy to have Mr. Wesley in his new role and look forward to much success at Somerset High School under his leadership," Lively said.

Wesley said he wanted SHS parents to know that he and the staff of the school will continue to put students first.

"I want them to know that I am, first and foremost, concerned about making sure we do what is best for their kids each day, and letting that be the filter through which we make our decisions," he said.

"It's students first, and we're here to serve them and help them become successful and reach their goals."