July 19

• Jordan Eric Young, 37, of Stearns, Oper Mtr Vehicle U/Infl Subst (189A.010(1C) - 1st

• James Baker Hale, 46, of Lancaster, Serving Bench Warrant For Court

• Perry Bryant Bishop, 26, of Russell Springs, no charges specified

• Dustin James Meece, 28, of Bronston, two counts of Probation Violation (For Technical Violation)

• William Henry Brock, 47, of Orlando, Ky., no charges specified

• Tabitha Lynn Baker, 51, of Eubank, Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg, 1st Off (Methamphetamine); Traff in Cont Sub, 1st Degree, 1st Off - (> or = 2 Gms Methamphetamine)

• John Edward Cummings, 38, of Somerset, Burglary, 2nd Degree; Terroristic Threatening, 3rd Degree

• Judy Ann Short, 46, Ferguson, Failure to Appear, Citation for Misdemeanor

• Penny Ann Burton, 45, of Burnside, no charges specified

• Carah Whitney Bell, 29, of Somerset, Drug Paraphernalia - Buy/Possess

• Phillip David Caudill, 43, of Crab Orchard, Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg 1st Off (Heroin)

• George Michael France, 29, of Helenwood, TN, two counts of Failure to Appear

July 20

• Myra Courtney Reece, 38, of Somerset, Operating on Sus or Rev Oper License; Failure of Non-Owner Operator to Maintain Req Ins/Sec, 1st Off; Oper Mtr Vehicle U/Infl Cont Sub (189A.010(1D) - 1st; Drug Paraphernalia- Buy/Possess; Poss of Marijuana; Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg, 1st Off (Methamphetamine)

• Barbie Patricia Fay Schuitema; 31, of Somerset, four counts of Failure to Appear

• Kelly Marie Rogers, 42, of Somerset, Oper Mtr Vehicle U/Infl Alc/Subs (189A.010(1E) - 1st

• Danny A. Richardson, 46, of Stanford, Non-Payment Of Court Costs, Fees Or Fines

• Roger W. Thompson, 52, of Somerset, Failure to Appear, Citation for Misdemeanor

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