Keck releases 'tentative' annexation map

Alan Keck

Somerset Mayor Alan Keck released a map depicting general areas he is looking towards when in comes to annexation.

Keck has called the map tentative "based upon current feedback and the purposes for exploring the annexation."

In comments made to the Commonwealth Journal, Keck said releasing the maps is meant to refute claims that "the city is somehow taking over the county.

"What the map makes clear is that the proposed increase involves only a small portion of the county."

(Keck's full comments can be found on page A4 of this edition of the w)

The map shows mainly areas within the Ky. 914 "circle" are being looked at, including areas of Oak Hill Road and Slate Branch Road up to their intersections with Ky. 914.

In earlier comments, Keck had also mentioned the Patterson Branch and Ferry Road areas were being looked at, but they are not colored in on the map released this week.

The map also shows areas along the Parkers Mill Road, areas along Ky 39 including the Eagle's Nest area. It follows East Ky. 80 out toward Ky 461 and follows the proposed I-66 corridor.

Keck promised to hold town hall meetings to hold discussions with residents of the affected areas, although as of Wednesday evening Keck had not announced firm dates.

Keck said the city is still working on venues and hosts for those meetings, and hopes to hold them soon.

The annexation is what is called "non-consensual" by Kentucky statutes, meaning the request to annex begins with a governmental body rather than from the residents themselves.

The Somerset City Council will need to pass an "intent to annex" ordinance to begin the process. At Monday's meeting, council members stressed that nothing has been presented to them yet, and that the process is still months away from beginning.