You may have seen them at an event in town, at SHOUTFEST or at East Somerset Baptist Church, but soon you will be able to get Live Fish’s first-ever professionally produced CD.

Live Fish — made up of Emily Lane, keyboards; Josh Hancock, lead guitar; Vince Frantz, bass; Patrick Ford, drums; and Dustin Fenison, rhythmic guitar and vocals — will be releasing the CD, “It’s About Time,” on Sept. 12.

Hancock, the newest member of the band, joined recently after Austin Upchurch, a former member who was a part of the group for about four years, left and took a job with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Live Fish formed six years ago as a praise and worship band at East Somerset Baptist Church, and continued to grow as artists. Now they’re hoping to go from being just a local band to something much more professional — and big time.

Fenison explained how the band has gone from playing at the church solely to doing 80 different events by the end of the year.

“Our playing is more of a ministry, and God just seems to open doors,” said Fenison.

Live Fish began playing at different places two years ago after another church asked them to perform. In the first year and a half, 90 percent of where their gigs came about because people requested, which helped spread word-of-mouth. Now they’ve done shows in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and as far away as Maryland.

“It means a lot when people want you to play,” said Fenison.

Out of all of the joints they’ve rocked — even SHOUTFEST, which is “a very fun event” — playing at their church’s Vacation Bible School would be most special as it turns into a rock show with 400 kids screaming and getting so into it, he noted.

That helped them become aware the impact they made on their fans, Fenison added, as he recalled parents coming and telling band members they were tired of hearing their music since that is all their children wanted to listen to after receiving a free CD at Bible school.

Fenison said the new CD has been a work in progress for two years with the songs the band wrote spanning from two years ago until now. He credited producer Austin Miller of Mt. Vernon for them getting this far.

Hancock, who had a lifelong dream of being in a band, said he just hopes the CD does well and goes as far as it can. Now there is hope there could be a record deal down the road.

However, Fenison said that it’s not about the money, it’s about the ministry.

“The way we’ve been blessed,” said Fenison. “I really believe it will happen.”

Ford said the way he looks at it, he just plays drums and if they get a record deal, that would be more time doing what he loves.

“It is exciting,” said Ford.

As for the kind of music they play, Ford said he believes a lot of people can relate to it because of the many different sounds showcased.

“There is a lot of style,” said Ford. “It’s not just one set genre of music, but is diverse.”

Live Fish will play at SHOUTFEST at 1 p.m. on Sept. 9 at SomerSport Park. SHOUTFEST will begin at 1 p.m. and go until 10 p.m. with many bands playing throughout the day including several national acts.

People will be able to order the CD online or pre-order it at Somerset’s SHOUTFEST on Sept. 9 or at other shows as well as get it at Heritage Christian Bookstore.

Additionally, Live Fish will be playing at the Somernites Block Party on Sept. 22 and at a benefit show in honor of the crash victims of Comair Flight 5191 in Lexington on Sept. 30.

Nor have they forgotten their roots: Live Fish will be the house band for a brand new Wednesday night worship gathering at East Somerset Baptist Church called “Clear.” Fenison said the gathering is aimed at the high school and college crowd and will be non-traditional.

“It’s awesome because we get to lead worship with a diverse crowd as well as experiment a bit with our sound, and that’s when we are in our element,” said Fenison.

The first meeting of Clear will be at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

East Somerset Baptist Church is located at 345 Pumphouse Road, across from SomerSport Park.

People can find more out about Live Fish by visiting their Web site at or

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