Man who faked heart attack back in jail

Gary J. Hudson Jr.

A man who claimed to be having a heart attack as he was being arrested for burglary and then ran from deputies is now facing at least two years in prison after violating the conditions of his bond.

Gary Jonathan Hudson Jr., 36, of Nancy, had his bond revoked on Thursday after nearly resolving charges of second-degree Attempted Burglary, third-degree Escape, second-degree Fleeing or Evading Police (on foot), third-degree Assault on a Police/Probation Officer, and Resisting Arrest.

Those charges stemmed from a February 21 incident when Pulaski County Deputy Sheriff Brandon Smith responded to the report at approximately 4:41 p.m. of a burglary in progress on Everett Lane involving a man trying to kick in the back door of the home.

According to Dep. Smith's preliminary hearing testimony, he found the suspect -- whom he recognized as Hudson -- hiding behind a grill on the back porch. Hudson was placed under arrest for this incident as well as outstanding warrants. He was placed in Smith's cruiser without incident and was transported to his nearby residence, also on Everett Lane and about 1500 feet from the burglary scene, so officers could speak to two women there regarding a separate domestic incident.

Hudson had allegedly claimed to be at the other residence (a vacant vacation home) "trying to cool off after fighting with his girlfriends."

Once at his own residence, Hudson claimed to be having a heart attack. Dep. Smith testified that when he opened the cruiser's back door, Hudson fell to the ground and he called for Somerset-Pulaski EMS. Around this time, the two women -- reportedly both girlfriends of Hudson -- began to argue and as Smith attempted to help Sgt. Kyle Wilson break them apart, Hudson -- still in handcuffs -- got up off the ground and ran.

Dep. Smith caught up with the some 800 feet and brought him back to the cruiser. He transported Hudson to Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital himself, as the suspect continued to complain of a heart attack and wrist injury he suffered in the foot pursuit. Once medically cleared, Hudson was booked into the Pulaski County Detention Center at 9:23 p.m. on February 21.

The local grand jury indicted Hudson on March 7. However with a plea agreement in place, Hudson was released from the Pulaski County Detention Center on a $5,000 property bond on April 19. Formal sentencing was scheduled for May 16.

That hearing apparently did not take place as court records indicate Hudson was wanted in regard to a domestic dispute alleged to have occurred on April 23. He was arrested for that complaint by a McCreary County deputy sheriff on May 17 in the Pine Knot community. Local prosecutors then filed the motion to revoke bond on May 20.

With Pulaski Circuit Judge Jeffrey Burdette granting that motion on Thursday, he set a new sentencing hearing for Hudson on June 20 -- when the defendant will also be arraigned on two newly-returned indictments.

Hudson faces two years for February attempted burglary. In respect to his new indictments which were returned on Wednesday, the first involves the April 23 incident and charges Hudson with first-degree Fleeing or Evading Police (On Foot) and fourth-degree Assault (Domestic Violence with Minor Injury). The other indictment charges Hudson with first-degree Bail Jumping.

The indictment of a person by a grand jury is an accusation only and that person is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty or otherwise pleads guilty.