Meece Middle School has been chosen to host a display that’s out of this world... literally.

Moon rocks and meteorites will be available for students and the public to see at Meece this Thursday and Friday.

The moon rocks were brought back to earth during the Apollo missions. The rocks are now encased in a Lucite disk for safe display.

This will be the first time moon rocks have been displayed in Somerset.

Also this Thursday and Friday, the FutureLab Technology Expo, a nationally known and innovative technology expo, is making its last stop of its national tour at Meece — to coincide with the school’s recognition of NASA Space Day 2006.

FutureLab is a science and technology expo that offers a glimpse of the future to select middle and high schools across the nation in the form of a traveling time machine. Youth are given a hands-on look at what the future will hold and the possibilities yet undiscovered. Exhibits will include such things as an interactive Lunar Space Rover, remote-controlled robots, and several exciting new computer games.

FutureLab will also give youth a chance to learn about the future of deep space exploration, nanotechnology, virtual reality, robotics, and science fiction versus science fact, and how these innovations could influence the careers of tomorrow.

The event is a collaboration between the Institute for Global Futures,, and the Student Loan Finance Corporation.

The moon rock display and the FutureLab will be open to the public Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. The Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting for the project at 5 p.m. Meece Middle School students will be experiencing the FutureLab on Thursday, and students from the Pulaski County School System will visit Meece on Friday.

For more information about the FutureLab Expo, visit:

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