Michael Keck says he won't run against Girdler for state senate seat

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Michael Keck announced he will not be running for state senate.

Michael Keck, the local businessman who ran for a state senate seat in 2015-2016, made it clear this week that he will not be running for the positing this election.

The announcement appears to have come about due to Keck receiving queries about whether he would make another bid for the senate seat.

Keck released a statement indicating that the time wasn't right for another run.

Keck said, "When, in 2016, I ran to serve as the 15th District State Senator I did so borne of my deep commitment to core conservative principles and an unwavering belief in my ability to provide the leadership necessary to help improve our district and state while advancing those same principles through the Kentucky State Legislature. That same conviction remains steadfast today. While my commitment to public service and the conviction with which I hold these values and positions remains unchanged, the timing for another run is not what is best for our district or our commonwealth."

Keck was one of three who ran against Rick Girdler in the previous Senate race a race in which Girdler won with 31.74 percent of the votes.

Keck spoke highly of Girdler and the job the freshman Senator has done since being elected.

"Regarding certain fundamental conservative values, Senator Rick Girdler has been a tremendous steward of these principles during his first term. Senator Girdler has been an unapologetic advocate for the right to life, a supporter of the passage of a right to work law, changes to prevailing wage legislation, and a firm defender of our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. For these efforts he is to be commended and these are some of the many conservative principles upon which we agree."

Keck, the brother of Somerset Mayor Alan Keck, has had many irons in the fire as of late. As a partner in the company 1776 holdings, he has taken part in overseeing the renovation of the former Food Fair building located on East Mount Vernon Street.

He is the chair of the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority board, and recently he announced that he was pursuing an M.B.A through Duke University.

While Keck said that his business and educational experience gives him the experience to lead the state, he currently wants to provide leadership "through avenues other than the State Senate."

He added, "I do hope to someday serve in the Kentucky General Assembly, or elsewhere within an elected capacity, as I do believe I am uniquely qualified to help lead efforts in reform of economic policy, state and national fiscal policy, higher education, and job creation."

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