Nearly two weeks after she was clinically pronounced dead after being born 12 weeks early, baby Campbell Brielle Anglin reportedly passed away in Lexington.

Campbell came into the world on Aug. 24 at 6:04 p.m. and was pronounced dead at 6:18 p.m., but she shocked doctors when, three hours later, they discovered she was still clinging to life.

Campbell Brielle, which means “In God’s strength,” was the result of a twin-molar pregnancy and weighed 13 ounces at birth.

A twin-molar pregnancy occurs when two eggs are released, but only one has a nucleus. If both eggs had a nucleus, there would have been twins. However, the one healthy egg was being damaged by the unhealthy egg, which can turn into cancer and spread throughout the mother’s body.

Campbell squealed a bit after three hours, and parents Nelson Anglin and Abby McAlpin Anglin, of Richmond, who had both been holding who they believed to be their deceased child, were shocked when the doctor asked to see the tiny baby.

Upon discovering she was alive, doctors at the UK Medical Center, where Abby had received an emergency cesarean section while medical staff worked to save the fetus, immediately put Campbell in incubation.

Campbell was monitored closely for the next 13 days, in which she began to develop complications related to premature births such as decreased heart rate and oxygen intake.

Campbell was reported to have passed away early Sunday morning at Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Abby, a Somerset native, is the daughter of Jim and Gail McAlpin.

Information gleaned from the Richmond Register and news reports.

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