In the Summer of 1969, Sly and the Family Stone released "Hot Fun in the Summertime." It was an ode to the wonder of summer, and the little slivers of Americana that we celebrate during these hot months.

Swimming. Enjoying a day on the lake or at the beach.

And, as the lyrics tell us, a memorable time can always be had at the "county fair in the country sun."

Pulaski countians just enjoyed their annual fair, and as always, it provided young and old alike with precious summer memories.

Fun at the midway. Beauty pageants. Truck pulls and demolition derbies. And contests that crowned proud winners in everything from baking to canning to arts and crafts and photography.

And, of course, there is the fair food. Who can pass up a funnel cake?

I think we owe a big thanks to Harold Cash and his family for putting so much work in, year in and year out, to make the Pulaski County Fair such a special event.

It just would not be summer around here without it.

Of course, Sly knew all about music festivals as well. After all, Sly and the Family Stone had a ground-breaking performance at the granddaddy of all music events, Woodstock, in the summer of '69 -- at the same time folks were listening to "Hot Fun in the Summertime" on their transistor radios.

In Pulaski County, we have our own little Woodstock right year each and every July. The Master Musicians Festival is an event that has become a staple after a glorious 26 years.

This year, the opening night was spectacular -- the local acts certainly gave us something to be proud of. We have wonderful artists here in Pulaski County and MMF offers a showcase for our musical talents.

Naturally, the MMF crowd was looking forward to headliner Jason Isbell -- but Mother Nature just did not cooperate. A raging storm caused MMF to be halted prior to the main event for the first time in its history.

Despite the stormy weather, Tiffany Finley and her amazing staff put on an excellent event, as always. And we are already looking forward to what they'll put together for 2020.

Summers in Pulaski County are pretty special, thanks in part to these two events.

If you missed them this year, make it a point to be a part of them next summer. You won't regret it.

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