As businesses across the commonwealth are reopening amid loosened COVID-19 restrictions, Modern Systems Inc. is offering a new body temperature detection camera system which can ensure that those needing monitor the temperatures of their employees, customers and guests can do so safely and accurately.

"These systems provide highly accurate temperature readings instantly as people walk past the camera," Modern Systems President David Morris stated. "We take pride in serving our customers. These camera systems, like all our systems, are professionally installed by our trained technicians, who also provide on-site training and ongoing support."

The company says that the camera system is accurate to within approximately half a degree -- more specifically, ±0.3˚C or 0.54˚F -- even in groups.

Founded in 1979, Modern Systems has been providing security and technology services to homes and businesses across Kentucky and neighboring states for more than 40 years.

More information can be found at or call 606-679-4556 to schedule a webinar.

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