Mueller hearing was epic fail for Democrats

Jeff Neal

It goes without saying the Robert Mueller hearing on Wednesday had incredible historical significance.

Democrats frothing at the mouth, hoping for that silver bullet to end the Trump presidency, looked on with bated breath.

And Republicans screaming "witch hunt" -- over and over and over.

What the hearing amounted to, however, was a political spin game -- both sides trying to get Mueller to say what they wanted the nation to hear.

In the end, we really didn't learn much more than what we knew before the darn thing started. Yes, the Russians interfered in our election. No, there was no proof that Trump and his gang were a part of it. And, no, we can't say Trump and his people didn't move heaven and earth to derail the entire probe.

So, in a nutshell, there is no new information whatsoever that is damning to Trump. Nothing. Nada.

Mueller might be a smart guy, a great investigator and a loyal public servant -- but he was a lousy witness. He stuttered and stammered and had his butt nailed to the wall by Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who turned in the performance of the day.

While it wasn't a straight-up win for Trump and the GOP -- after all, Mueller did reiterate that his investigation did not exonerate the president from obstruction of justice -- it certainly was a loss for the Democrats.

As a matter of fact, it was an epic fail.

Mueller would not -- or could not -- answer many basic questions ... about his own investigation. If I had been engrossed in a project that took up a two-year chunk of my life, I think I would know the thing backward and forward. Yet, at times, Mueller seemed ... confused.

And the Republicans pounced. And pounded. And kept pounding.

How bad was it for the anti-Trump folks? Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor who had been one of the President's toughest critics and an outspoken proponent of impeachment, deemed the hearing "a disaster." And this after an earlier tweet predicting Mueller's testimony would "shatter the mirage" of no collusion, no obstruction.

If there's one important nugget of information that emerged from the hearing, it's that Russian interference in our political process is happening as we speak. Thankfully, there is a bipartisan effort underway to combat their efforts. Congressman Hal Rogers is on board, clearly wanting to thwart the Russians' attempts to diddle with our democracy. Sen. Mitch McConnell? Well, that seems to be another story.

As for the president, I certainly feel like the misfire by the Democrats on Wednesday puts him in an excellent position to be re-elected next year.

So, love him or hate him, you might as well grab you a big sack of hamberders and fries, flip on the History Channel and watch a documentary about those Revolutionary War airports and enjoy your ride on The Trump Train for another four years.

JEFF NEAL is the editor of the Commonwealth Journal. Contact him at Follow him on Twitter at @jnealCJ.

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