A Nancy woman who has pleaded guilty to scamming an elderly couple out of more than $450,000 has submitted a memo to federal court asking to be sentenced to 33 months.

Mitzi Shawn Sears pleaded guilty in May to financial institution fraud for taking money from a victim in a real estate scheme.

Court documents state that Sears convinced the victim to purchase a piece of property jointly as an investment, then told the victim the property was involved in a lawsuit.

The victim and his wife wrote numerous check to Sears. Sears then forged 16 further checks from the victim's account.

She also convinced the victim to obtain a $40,000 loan from Citizens National Bank.

Sears is facing up to 30 years in prison. Last week, she filed a document with the courts requesting a sentence on the lower end of the scale - 33 months, or two years and nine months.

The memo states, "At the outset, Mitzi acknowledges that the offense she has committed is a serious one and that she deserves to be punished. She will not try to explain it away or minimize it. Mitzi will not soon, and perhaps never, forgive herself for the harm caused by her conduct,"

It goes on to say that because she pleaded guilty to the charges as soon as she was charged and was forthright, a 33-month sentence would be "sufficient, but not greater than necessary."

It states that Sears already has paid $6,960 of an agreed $502,780 in restitution.

Sears' sentencing is scheduled for September 9.

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