Coroner Richard New can breath a sigh of relief.

New was elected county coroner by an overwhelming 4,880-vote margin in Tuesday’s Primary Election. New received 8,790 votes — or 69.21 percent of the total votes— to win re-election to a second consecutive term.

He called the win “a vote of confidence” by the voters on how they want the coroner’s office to be operated in Pulaski County.

Stringer, a former deputy coroner, picked up 3,910 votes, but couldn’t seem to overcome the lead held by New most of the night. It was difficult for candidates to get election results because of mass confusion at the courthouse. Stringer declined to admit defeat early on in the election, even though New had a substantial lead, because he said he didn’t know the final vote tally.

The challenger told a Commonwealth Journal reporter to call him back for a comment after “the official” vote totals were announced by election officials. A telephone call to his wife’s cell phone was not answered.

Stringer challenged New by campaigning on a theme to separate the coroner’s office from funeral homes. He claimed the county has saved between $300,000 and $400,000 by operating the coroner’s office from Lake Cumberland Funeral Home on West Ky. 80. New is the funeral home manager.

Since no Democrat filed for the office, a win in the May Primary is tantamount to election. Both New and Stringer filed as Republicans.

“First of all, I want to thank the voters, supporters and everyone who had a part in our campaign,” New said Tuesday night from his victory party at The Center for Rural Development.

The incumbent said he ran “a positive campaign” without any mud slinging.

“We ran our campaign pretty much the way we run the office. That’s from the heart. What I mean is we treat each family and their loved ones with respect and dignity,” New said as he received congratulatory wishes from supporters.

The win, he said, “tells me the public is satisfied with the job the coroner’s office is doing.”

New doesn’t expect to make any changes in his second term. “We made a promise we would do the best job we could and we have kept that promise and will continue to keep that promise.”

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