If boards of election in every county in Kentucky are as diligent as members of Pulaski County Board of Elections there should be no worries of irregularities or fraudulent voting.

County Clerk Linda Burnett, Election Coordinator Mark Vaught, Election Department Manager Becca Shepherd and board members Rodney Casada, Rick Barker and Sheriff Greg Speck are completely transparent. They cooperate totally with the media, giving complete access to all election information. They make sure every candidate and supporter have access to legitimate information about the voting process.

Pulaski County Board of Elections took seriously the recanvass of the November 5 gubernatorial election, making sure all observers were totally informed of the process, and had copies of materials relevant to the situation.

"We all make mistakes, but we try," said Burnett, seemingly confident and happy the recanvass, as expected, showed no mistakes in reports of gubernatorial voting.

Pulaski Fiscal Court members, now and in the past, should be commended. The magistrates have always have been willing to provide the very latest voting technology for Pulaski County voters. The president of Harp Enterprises, supplier of voting equipment to Pulaski County, told the Commonwealth Journal recently Pulaski County's current voting equipment meets a verified paper trail requirement recently suggested to the State Board of Elections.

Vaught, as election coordinator, knows every stream, oak tree and fence post that mark boundaries of Pulaski County's 56 voting places. He is a valuable and dedicated member of the county's voting hierarchy.

Pulaski countians should be happy its voting system is in the hands of competent people. When you enter a Pulaski County voting place you know your vote will count.

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