Pulaski Dog Pageant leaves a paw print on Somerset October 6


Colorful costumes like this Dr. Seuss-inspired outfit will be on display next Saturday, October 6, at the sixth-annual Pulaski Dog Pageant at the Jaycee Fairgrounds.

Who let the dogs out? That would be you, Pulaski County!

Next weekend, the sixth-annual Pulaski Dog Pageant expects to fetch another strong showing by its canine contestant and their human owners. The event will be held Saturday, October 6, at the Pulaski County Jaycee Fairgrounds off of West Ky. 80.

The Dog Pageant has proved popular over time -- organizer Chrystal Wilson noted that last year's show was held on one of the busiest weekends across Pulaski for events last October, and still pulled in about 30 people entering their pretty pets, "so that's a really good turnout."

This year, the big dogs are getting some love, with a shift in how the categories are organized.

"Last year, we had a lot of categories, but a lot of people said there was nothing for bigger dogs. Everything was cute, little dogs winning stuff," said Wilson, who co-founded the pageant with Marisa Dungan.

So this year, there's a category for "Big, Burly and Beautiful," recognizing larger-sized dogs, as well as one for "Small and Sassy" dogs. There are also "Best Costume" categories for both big and small dogs, and of course, annual favorites like the owner/dog look-alike contest and "Best Trick or Talent."

There's also a Kid's Only dog show-off, "Best Vocalist" for those that can howl, bark or "speak," the "Best Rescue Story" -- "We always really like hearing people tell about how they rescued their dog," said Wilson -- and "Most Photogenic," where you can bring a photo of your dog if it's not ideal to bring the actual pooch.

And for people who don't have dogs, there is a "Most Photogenic for Any Pet But a Dog." That's right. Bring a picture of your cat, your bird, your rat -- as long as it's not a dog, it's eligible to win, giving non-dog people a chance to take part in the fun as well.

Each category costs $5 to enter, and you can enter five categories for $20 (per dog). Most registration is done on-site, noted Wilson, but if they want, people can message organizers through the Facebook page ("6th Annual Pulaski County Dog Pageant 2018") and a registration form will be sent to them early.

Girl Scout Troop 1776 uses proceeds from the show to by materials for the Pulaski County Animal Shelter and the Pulaski County Humane Society.

"In the beginning, we could only do the animal shelter because we were only raising $200, so that didn't go very far," said Wilson, "but last year we raised $800 and got to share it with both of those groups."

Troop members are able to earn badges for smart comparative shopping, using the money to make wise decisions and staying within a budget, said Wilson.

The show is all-volunteer, with all money going to pay for the awards, the DJ, and of course the materials.

Amber Frangos is the MC for the event, helped by young Wynter Wilson. Pulaski County District Judge Kathryn Sloan will be one of the judges, as well as guest judges from Russell and Rockcastle Counties.

Sponsors include Crown Party Rental & Sales, the Job Shop, Somerset Animal Hospital, Walk, Run and Wag Your Tal 5K, and Juanita Stevens of Little Wonders Child Development Center in Russell County.