Tuesday is Primary Election Day in Pulaski County and 28,290 Republicans and 11,223 Democrats are eligible to assist their respective parties in nominating a candidate for governor and related constitutional state offices.

Also, 2,328 Pulaski Countians are registered under a label other than Democrat and Republican and these so-called “independents” are only eligible to vote for a candidate for judge of the Court of Appeals on the nonpartisan judicial ballot. This position is for the unexpired term of R.W. Dyche III, London, who retired.

Following are state offices involved in the primary balloting and the candidates seeking the offices:




Billy Harper, governor, and Dick Wilson, lieutenant governor

Anne Northup, governor, and Jeff Hoover, lieutenant governor

Ernie Fletcher, governor, and Robbie Rudolph, lieutenant governor.

(Candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are a slate).


Tim Coleman

Phillip C. Kimball

Jon Larson

Stan Lee


Lonnie Napier

Brandon D. Smith

Ken Upchurch

Melinda L. Wheeler


Richie Farmer

Don Stosberg





William Bruce Lunsford, governor, and Gregory Damron Stumbo, lieutenant governor

Jody Richards, governor, and John Y. Brown III, lieutenant governor

Steven L. Beshear, governor, and Daniel Mongiardo, lieutenant governor

Gaitwood Galbraith, governor, and Mark Wireman, lieutenant governor

Steven L. Henry, governor, and Renee T. True, lieutenant governor

Otis “Bullman” Hensley, governor, and Richard Robbins, lieutenant governor

(Candidates for governor and lieutenant governor run as a slate).

Jonathan Miller, Democrat candidate for governor, and Irv Maze, lieutenant governor, have withdrawn as candidates but withdrawals were too late to remove their names from the ballot. Notices will be places at precincts informing voters of the withdrawals and votes cast for the two will not be counted.

This year, for the first time, if no candidate for governor receives 40 percent or more of the votes cast in the Democratic or Republican party primary elections, there will be a runoff primary election held on June 26 between the two candidates who received the highest vote totals in that party’s primary election. A challenge of the election in the courts could change the date of the runoff election, a spokeswoman for the State Board of Elections said.

Other constitutional offices in the Democrat primary are:


Dick Robinson

MaDonna J. White

S. Bruce Hendrickson


Robert V. Bullock

Jack Conway


Patrick R. Dunmire

L.J. “Todd” Hollenbach

Mike Weaver

Jack D. Wood


David Neville

David Lynn Williams



Judge, Court of Appeals, 3rd Appellate District, 1st Division (for unexpired term of R. W. Dyche III).

Michael O. Caperton

Jeff Eastham

Larry E. Conley

Paul F. Henderson

James I. “Jim” Howard

Clay M. Bishop Jr.

Michele Wilson has withdrawn as a candidate for judge of the Court of Appeals, but her withdrawal was too late to remove her name from the ballot. Notice will be posted at each precinct that she has withdrawn and votes cast for her will not be counted.

Counties in the 3rd Appellate District are: Pulaski, Adair, Bell, Casey, Clay, Clinton, Cumberland, Estill, Garrard, Green, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Lee, Leslie, Lincoln, Marion, McCreary, Metcalfe, Monroe, Nelson, Rockcastle, Russell, Taylor, Washington, Wayne and Whitley.

Following are voting places at each of Pulaski County’s 58 precincts:

Somerset No. 1 -- Pulaski County Public Library

Somerset No. 2 -- Somerset City Hall

Somerset No. 3A -- YMCA

Somerset No. 3B -- basement, Pulaski County courthouse.

Somerset No. 4A -- South Central fire station

Somerset No. 4B -- Meece Middle School

Somerset No. 5A -- Sallee Street fire station

Somerset No. 5B -- Somerset Housing Authority office

Somerset No. 5C -- Somerset Mall

Somerset No. 5D -- 100 Neighborly Way

Somerset No. 5E -- 100 Neighborly Way

Somerset No. 6 -- Rocky Hollow

Somerset No. 7 -- Rocky Hollow

Ferguson No. 8 -- Ferguson City Hall

Parker No. 9 -- American Legion

Bourbon East No. 10E -- Parkers Mill Fire Station

Bourbon West No. 10W -- Somerset Mall

Saline East No. 11 -- Oak Hill Elementary School

Saline West No. 2 -- Oak Hill Elementary School

Firebrook No. 11F -- 40 Firebrook Drive

Girdler No. 12 -- RECC voting house

Caney Fork No. 13 -- King of Kings Radio

Rush Branch No. 14 -- Haynes Knob Fire Station

Nancy No. 15 -- Nancy Fire Station

Okalona No. 16 -- Leland Stevenson AirPark

Harrison No. 17 -- Faubush Fire Department

Fall Branch No. 18 -- Cains Store Fire Station

Hickorynut No. 19 -- 18000 W. Ky. 80

Ansel No. 21 -- Jacksonville Fire Department

Science Hill No. 22 -- Science Hill Fire Department

Science Hill No. 23 -- Science Hill School

Buncombe No. 24 -- Vaught Brothers Voting House

Eubank No. 25 -- Eubank Fire Station

Estesburg No. 26 -- Eubank Fire Station

Price No. 27 -- Dabney Fire Station

Goodhope No. 28 -- Woodstock Fire Department

Hazeldell No. 29 -- Woodstock Fire Department

Mark No. 30 -- Shopville School gymnasium

Catron No. 31 -- Pumpkin Center Fire Station

Mayfield No. 32 -- Shopville-Stab Fire Department

Mt. Victory No. 33 -- Mt. Victory Fire Department

Colo No. 35 -- White Lily Fire Department

Burnside City No. 36 -- Burnside Fire Station

Burnside City North No. 36N --Burnside Fire Station

Burnside County No. 36A -- Somerset Mall

Burnside County East No. 36E -- Paradise Flea Market Voting House

Burnside County West No. 36W -- Somerset Mall

Burnside County South No. 36S -- Lee’s Boat Storage

Gamblin No. 37 -- Tateville Fire Station

Bronston South No. 38 -- Bronston Fire Station

Bronston North No. 38N -- Bronston Fire Station

Sloans Valley No. 39 -- Sloans Valley Voting House

Gilliland No. 40 -- VFW Post

Vaught No. 43 -- Hal Rogers Fire Training Center

Naomi No. 44 -- Naomi Volunteer Fire Department

Naomi No. 44W -- Naomi Volunteer Fire Department

Dallas No. 45 -- Shopville School gymnasium

Mt. Zion No. 47 -- Mt. Zion voting house

Pulaski County Clerk Ralph Troxtell said all but two polling places Tuesday are the same as in November’s general election. Naomi No. 44 and Naomi No. 44W both will vote at the Naomi fire department building.

Polling places will open at 6 a.m. Tuesday and voting will continue for 12 hours, until 6 p.m. Troxtell said he hopes to complete tabulation of votes by 8 p.m.

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