Pulaski woman gets 10 years for meth ring

Tracy Hamblin

A Pulaski woman who pleaded guilty to federal meth and firearms charges was sentenced to 130 months (10 years, 10 months) in prison.

Tracy Amanda Hamblin, 39, also known as Tracy Creech, pleaded guilty in March to Conspiracy to Distribute 50 Grams or More of Methamphetamine and Aiding and Abetting in the Brandishing and Use of a Firearm in Connection with a Crime of Violence.

She was sentenced only to the conspiracy drug charge. The firearm charge and a third charge of Kidnapping were dismissed.

As a condition of her sentence, upon completion of the prison sentence Hamblin will be on five years of supervised release.

Hamblin was part of several defendants which includes Roger Creech, 58, whom she was living with.

The incidents in the case took place between April and September of 2017. During that time, Creech was reportedly importing and distributing between three and 10 ounces of meth per week.

Hamblin was accused of distributing between 150 and 500 grams of meth during that time.

Creech himself was sentenced to 128 months in prison after pleading guilty to the same charge as Hamblin's.

Two other Laurel County men, Brian McDonald and Richard J. Hodge Jr., have been named in the drug case as well.

The charge that was dismissed for Hamblin - but which she pleaded guilty to in her plea agreement - was for an incident that took place on May 22, 2017. She and codefendant Robert Hurley III searched for, then found and unnamed victim by driving around the East Bernstadt area.

According to court documents, "Hurley went up to [victim] and struck him in the back of the head. Hurley had a shotgun in his possession at this time. Hurley ordered [victim] into the front passenger's seat of the vehicle. Hurley sat in the back seat of the vehicle with the shotgun. Hurley then directed his acquaintance to drive the three of them to Creech and the Defendant's (Hamblin's) shared residence in Pulaski County. On the way, Hurley's acquaintance called Ronald Brandon Hubbard, aka Hubcap, and advised him that 'the package was on its way.'"

The documents then describe how, once inside the residence, the victim's hands and feet were bound and duct tape placed over his mouth. The victim was struck in the back of the head with a shotgun several times, while Hamblin reportedly demanded that the victim admit to stealing the money.

"The Defendant took turns interrogating and assaulting [victim]. In this regard, the Defendant struck [victim] with her hands and spat on him."

The victim reportedly admitted to stealing the money, hoping to be let go. Once unbound, the victim turned to Creech and said he had not stolen the money.

In May, Hurley was sentenced to 13 year for his part in the kidnapping.

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