Real ID licenses now available through Transportation Cabinet

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet made the announcement this week, but a Somerset regional office to sell Real ID licenses has been selling the federally required driver's license since January 8.

Location of the regional office is 650 North Main Street -- that's in Gateway Center at the junction of North Main Street and Ky. 80 bypass. The office not only serves Pulaski but several surrounding counties. The Transportation Cabinet said the Somerset office has only one station, open Monday through Friday, but is expected to expand.

The location is not new. Called a Field Office, the Somerset Field Office has been here for 20 years. The Division of Driver Licensing offers several regional field offices to accommodate Kentuckians needing services related to driver licensing. Field offices are able to provide support to individuals who would otherwise be restricted to the Division's central office in Frankfort.

Issuance of Real ID drivers licenses " ... is something new we do," a spokesperson at the local office said. Pulaski Circuit Clerk J.S. Flynn said his office will continue to issue regular driver's licenses in Pulaski County.

Originally circuit court clerk's offices in each county were supposed to issue Real ID licenses, but pilot programs in Franklin and Woodford counties proved overwhelming for circuit court clerk's staffs and the regional office idea was embraced. Somerset is one of 12 regional offices in the state, according to an early announcement.

Beginning in October, only people with a Voluntary Travel ID will be allowed to board domestic flights. Anyone who does not have a Voluntary Travel ID will have to show other forms of identification, such as a passport.

Website for information about what to bring with you to get a Real ID driver's license is Previously released information says to be issued a Real ID license you must have:

• Proof of identity document (such as a certified birth certificate, unexpired passport, Permanent Resident Card, etc.) If you wish to obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate, contact the vital statistics agency in the state of your birth. Those born in Kentucky may contact the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics. A current driver's license does not qualify as a valid proof of identity.

• Proof of Social Security number (such as a non-laminated Social Security card, W-2 form, or 1099)

• Proof of residency (such as a utility bill less than 61 days old, lease, pay statement, postmarked mail, etc.)

The name on your driver's license should be your legal name. If it isn't it will be necessary to take a copy of your birth certificate or a legal document showing your name change to the circuit court clerk's office to have your driver's license information corrected.

If your Social Security card does not have your legal name an applicant must go to the local Social Security Administration field office to have information updated in the Federal Social Security Administration database.

Also, if your driver's license has your new married name, but your Social Security card does not, an applicant must go to the local Social Security Administration field office to have a Social Security card issued with your new last name.

Kentucky drivers may choose between two options. One is a standard driver's license. The other is a "Voluntary Travel ID" that complies with new federal travel rules. Kentucky drivers must choose between the two options. They cannot have both.

The standard driver's license and the Voluntary Travel ID will be available initially in four- or eight-year intervals with the prices ranging from $21.50 to $48.​

Current Kentucky licenses, permits and IDs are valid until their expiration date.

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