Among the actions taken at Somerset City Council's meeting on Monday was an amendment to an annexation already approved - not due to any changes in the area annexed but because the Kentucky Secretary of State's Office asked for some wording to be changed.

In the process of finding out more about the changes in wording, City Attorney John Adams said he learned something that could speed up highway annexations in the future. Namely, that the Kentucky Department of Transportation's OK to allow a highway to be annexed counts as "annexation by consent."

"The great part of the conversation was, they said 'Why don't you do it by consent?' And I said, 'I didn't feel like the reply of the Highway Department was consent.' And they said, 'For our purposes, that is consent.'"

That means not having to wait an extra 60 days after publishing an intent to annex before continuing the process of annexation.

The council approved the updated language for the annexation, which took in a stretch of Ky. 39 from Talon Way to the Barn at Redgate. The corridor annexation paved the way for the Barn at Redgate to be annexed by the owners' request into the city limits, which was approved in November.

Other measures approved by the council were the changing of the name of the road surrounding Somerset Community College's camps from UK Drive to SCC Drive, and a zone change for 119 Young Street from Residential-1 (single family dwelling) to Residential-2 (small multi-family dwelling).

Mayor Alan Keck also took time to address the interest surrounding the announcement of Horse Soldier Bourbon coming to the area.

"I'm going to call it a coup in a good way. We were competing against every major city in Kentucky and several other states," Keck said.

"I respect those who don't partake [of alcohol] at all. It's wonderful. I have many in my family who don't. But the economic development impact this is going to have, from job creation, tourism, status, is going to be monumental. And think everybody will be pleasantly surprised, if not shocked, at the caliber of facilities that they're going to build."

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