South Kentucky RECC reminds its members that November 4 through December 13 begins the application process for the first segment, or subsidy component, of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – the federal government’s provision, started in 1974, for helping American’s at risk of losing wintertime heat. Applications are taken in order of the last name of the head of the household.

The subsidy component helps residents of Kentucky that are at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty level. Most of these recipients are elderly or disabled. The LIHEAP subsidy component is given just once per winter, and the benefit amount is determined by three factors: the percentage of poverty level of the family’s income; the size of the household; and the type of heating used.

Under the subsidy component, families are given vouchers toward their heating expense, not cash. In the South Kentucky RECC service territory, the voucher is sent directly to the provider.

Bring the following with you when you apply: 1. Proof of all household income for the preceding month (award letter, check stubs, etc.); 2. Social Security Cards or Permanent Resident Cards (Green Card) for ALL household members; 3. the most recent heating bill or verification from landlord that the heating is included on the rent; statement from electric company if you participate in PrePay Program; 4. The most recent electric bill showing the physical/service address of the home and name on the account for all heating fuel sources and electric; 5. Vendor information (including account number and name on account) for your main heating fuel, as well as electric.

Sign-up dates per the first letter of the last name are:

A – November 4;

B – November 6 and 7;

C – November 8;

D and E – November 12;

F – November 13;

G – November 14;

Open Enrollment – November 15;

H – November 18 and 19;

I and J – November 20;

K – November 21;

L – November 22;

M – November 25 and 26;

N – December 2;

O and P – December 3;

Q and R – December 4;

S – December 5 and 9;

Open Enrollment – December 6;

T – December 10;

U, V and W – December 11;

X, Y and Z – December 12;

Last day for open enrollment – December 13.

For more information, contact the Pulaski County office at 606-679-6203.

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