One of Somerset’s School Age Child Care workers was this year’s recipient of the Mike Grey Caregiver of the Year Award, also made available through the Kentucky Coalition for School Age Child Care.

Diana Brinson, who has worked in the program since 1997, was nominated for the award by one of her former co-workers.

Program director Vicky Jones said she was happy to learn Diana had won the award.

“Diana is a real ‘fixer,’” Vicky said.

“If the kids or the staff have a problem, she is the one who will find a way to make it better. ... She is a very cheerful, kind person.”

Diana not only has a degree in child care, but she also is a youth director at Liberty Baptist Church with her husband, Curtis.

She has a son, Evan, 7, a student at Hopkins Elementary, and a stepson, Kendell, 14, a student at Southern Middle School.

“I love my job,” Diana said.

“I have a great boss and good co-workers. To be a mom and to work here is very convenient. And it’s a fun job.”

She says her friends often say they are jealous after she says she spent her day at “work” swimming, bowling, or going to the park.

“I’ve been to a lot of places I never would have gone to if I weren’t here,” she said.

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