Renovations to the pools at the Somerset Independent Alumni and Aquatic Center are coming along, but an update released by the school district says that the project completion date has been pushed back to March.

The former SomerFit center was bought by the school district in April 2018. Updates to the building and pools began in April of last year.

Originally, the plan was to have the pools available for use last fall - then the district gave a date of January - but Kyle Lively said that problems were found during construction.

Lively said in a statement posted to Facebook, "During the renovation process, it was discovered that the therapy pool and lap pool both had leaks in their perimeter drains. A main drain leak was also discovered in the lap pool. Fortunately, these unforeseen issues have been successfully repaired in both pools at this time. However, delays caused by these repairs in conjunction with the slow sand blasting process have pushed the current projected completion timeline for the pools into mid-March."

Lively said Monday that the issues were found only after workers had gotten into the project.

"We want to complete the project, but more importantly, we want the job done right so that the students and community can enjoy the pool for years to come," he said.

The plan was to have the pools available to the district's swim team members so they would have a place of their own to practice in for at least part of the year. With the continued renovations, it means that this season's team has had to travel back and forth to the Russell County Schools' pool to practice.

"We're very appreciative of Russel County for letting us utilize their facility," Lively said.

It's not just students who are keeping an eye on the project, however. Many members of the public have been concerned about Pulaski's only public-access therapy pool since problems first caused its closure in October of 2016.

The therapy pool is a heated pool that has a gently-sloped ramp and a lift arm so people with limited mobility could access it.

It has been used by people of all ages to participate in both rehabilitation and preventative therapies to improve health and mobility.

Lively and the school district have made it a priority to renovated that pool so members of the public will be able to use it.

Although the Alumni Center is closed to the public for certain hours due to school students using the facility, the public can access the center Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., or on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Somerset Independent School Board already approved fees for accessing the pools whenever they are opened. Lane rental for the lap pool will be $75 per hour, while recreational fees will be:

Monthly passes:

Individual: $50

Family: $80

Senior Individual: $40

Senior Family: $60

Yearly passes:

Individual: $400

Family: $600

Senior Individual: $350

Senior Family: $525

The Alumni Center's other activities and equipment is also available to the public, including the Silver Sneakers program, exercise equipment, classes including yoga and Pilates, and both indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

Full membership rates are different from the pool rates, and include monthly rates, six-month rates and yearly rates.

The district's website has posted a full fee schedule and more information on what activities are available at the Alumni Center.

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