Want to settle down in Somerset?

On their Facebook page Monday, the Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce called attention to a ranking from Smartasset.com, which named Somerset as the second-best community in which to retire in the state of Kentucky.

"The chamber has been acutely aware of our senior population for many years," said Chamber Executive Director Bobby Clue. "Almost one in five people in Pulaski County are age 65 or older. It's very impactful that we have this ranking."

To arrive at the ranking, Smartasset.com looked at state and local tax rates, and considered both income and sales taxes. They calculated effective rates based on a typical retiree earning $35,000 annually (from retirement savings, Social Security or part-time employment) and spending their disposable income on taxable goods. Also considered was the number of doctors' offices, recreation centers and retirement centers per thousand residents in each area. Finally, they found the number of seniors in each area as a percentage of the total population, according to the Chamber.

Once each county and city was ranked on these three factors, they then calculated an average ranking for each area, weighting the three factors equally. Those communities with the lowest average ranking ranked the best places to retire in Kentucky.

Somerset had a tax rate of 14.2 percent, second-lowest of all the cities in the top 10. It also was listed as having 6.8 doctor's offices per 1,000 people (highest in the top 10), 0.9 recreation centers per 1,000 people, .03 retirement centers per 1,000 people, and a 19.3 percent senior population.

The only city ahead of Somerset was Paducah, in far western Kentucky. Right behind Somerset was Russellville, and Campbellsville and Cynthiana rounded out the top five. Also in the top 10, in descending order, were Glasgow, Maysville, Central City, Mayfield and Princeton.

Clue said Somerset benefitted from being a "hub" for the surrounding area in so many different respects.

"We are a regional health care hub. We're a regional hub for arts and culture in this area. We have a lower cost of living than in surrounding states like Ohio and Indiana. We have very good medical care specialty servies. We have a 300-bed hospital. We have some fantastic senior centers. Rocky Hollow is a community center," said Clue. "I would also say Lake Cumberland helps a tremendous deal. In the summertime, I can't think of five places in America that are more desirable to live in because of that.

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