Somerset man pleads guilty in federal heroin case

James Tyler Hargis

Somerset resident James Tyler Hargis has entered a plea agreement in a federal drug case in which one of his codefendants already has been sentenced.

Hargis, 41, of East Limestone Street, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute 100 grams or more of a mixture or substance containing heroin.

The plea agreement states that Hargis, conspiring with others, distributed the heroin substance between August 2015 and September 2018.

Court documents state that he was directed by a heroin dealer within Pulaski, who was supplied with the drug by someone from Ohio.

It further states that law enforcement "utilized the services of a confidential informant to conduct a controlled purchase of heroin on December 15, 2017." The document continues to say that other transactions took place on December 21 and January 2.

Hargis is facing a prison sentence of five to 40 years and a fine up to $5 million.

Final sentencing is scheduled for September 13.

Earlier in May, codefendant and Somerset resident Diana Chiree Sullivan, 26 was sentenced to 47 months in prison for her role in the alleged conspiracy. Sullivan also submitted a plea agreement before sentencing.

Four other defendants have also submitted plea agreements: Samantha Jade Poynter, of Somerset; Kimberly Ann Sweeten, of Ohio; Stephen W. Ushery, Jr., of Ohio; and Sonie Meatchem, Jr., of Somerset.

In addition, two others connected to the case, Somerset residents Wyatt Dalton and Caitlyn Evans, have pleaded not guilty.