SPD Detective graduates forensics program


Detective Patterson graduated from the program on Friday, October 11th. Pictured below with Patterson are DOCJT Commissioner Alex Payne (left) and Deputy Commissioner John McGuire (right).


Somerset Police Department congratulates Detective Larry Patterson on completing the Kentucky Criminalistics Academy.

Often, the solution to a crime is found in fine, scientific details easily missed by untrained eyes. To provide and hone skills in evidence identification, collection and preservation for law enforcement investigators, the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training provides training through the Kentucky Criminalistics Academy (KCA).

The 400-hour forensics program is divided between two five-week blocks taught in consecutive years. The first phase, the Crime Scene Technician Course, includes work in basic crime scene processing, digital photography, advanced latent fingerprinting, forensic mapping, case preparation and court testimony.

During the second phase, participants will delve into intense, specialized training in fingerprint identification and comparison techniques, shooting reconstruction, bloodstain pattern recognition and alcohol, firearms and explosives evidence collection. Students also visited the Forensic Anthropology Center in Tennessee to learn about human bones and how to locate, map and excavate clandestine graves.

"Detective Patterson's commitment to completing such a difficult and demanding course of training is a true reflection of his commitment to the police department and more importantly to this community," SPD Chief William Hunt stated

Det. Patterson graduated from the program on Friday, October 11.

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