Chris Girdler, president and CEO of SPEDA (Somerset Pulaski Economic Development Authority) and city officials recently met in Somerset with officials of Houston-based Extiel GPG LLC, parent company of Extiel-Advantage Somerset, the GTL (gas to liquid) plant proposed on the former Crane Company property south of Ferguson.

"We have had a meeting and are in continued discussions, but there are no updates at this time," e-mailed Girdler in response to a question about the session.

Engineering work is being done on the Somerset GTL plant, Greg Carr, managing director of Extiel GPG LLC, said earlier. Although no dirt has been moved on the 23-acre plant site, Carr said projections are the same -- construction of the plant next year and production start-up in 2021. Meanwhile, Carr revealed that " ... we've got to raise $110 million (before the Somerset plant is a reality)." He has not responded to telephone calls about how the fund drive is progressing.

The proposed plant is a down-sized version of a large-scale GTL plant design and will produce 250 barrels per day of ultra-clean synthetic fuel products, waxes and industrial hydrogen.

The GTL plant requires pipeline quality natural gas to make the following products:

• FDA approved Paraffin Wax used by many industries.

• Group 3 base oil.

• Environmentally friendly solvents HDS and LDS which increase fuel efficiency and help minimize wear on an engine.

• Hydrogen, 99 percent pure.

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